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  1. Name Fox IGN USMC Marsoc DI 2LT Fox Rank 2LT PAYGRADE O-1
  2. I have Added a Pole Thank You for letting me know Ive added a poll thanks Brandon
  3. 1.What Is Your In-game Name: USMC SGTMAJ DI Fox 2.What Is Your current Rank?(MGYSGT+): SGTMAJ 3.Who Would Like To See You As MARSOC?(Two Officer's): LTC Marcus, Major Warwinner 4.Why Should We Trust You With Being a MARSOC?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I feel I have proven myself as a valuable asset to the Marines being serious in my job within the branch and wanting to continuously succeed in all tasks whether hard or not. 5.Why Do You Want To Be MARSOC (30-50 Words Min): I want to join a group where I can grow to bigger and better heights within the USMC. Since I joined as a PFC I have looked and thought if I could reach that I would take it at first chance because it is a sign of tactical achievement within our beloved corps, some of the most tactically advanced people in our corps that I've seen are or had been in marsoc and I want to take this experience to get in the big leagues and better myself and the corps as a whole. 8.What Is Your Timezone?: MST 9.How Often Can You Be On?(How many days/hours a week): 3-4 Hours During the Week, 5-8 on the Weekends 10.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes currently in real life I am in the JROTC 11.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 0 12.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): No 13.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes I will sacrifice what needs to be done for the betterment of the others in my regiment. "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey t h e o r d e r s of the President of the United States and t h e o r d e r s of those appointed over me” -Marine MARSOC Oath
  4. I will Be going on LOA from 11-17-18 Through 11-25-18 Reason I will be in NYC and Philadelphia and will not have access to the Computer.