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    A farewell

    I have slowly lost interest in the server -- not the staffs fault, SWRP, and Garry's mod as a whole. After the amount of hours I've put into all 3 -- mainly SWRP and GMOD -- the game is boring and not fun. I simply have no interest in a game where it's rinse and repeat. I'd like to say some thank you's; but first I'm no well known player or staff or anything of that sort. Just someone who appreciates the community. Apache (Shadow) & my time in the 38th: Thank you all for being an amazing start when I joined the server. I honestly couldn't have had more fun in that battalion than I did. Thank you to Shadow for understanding my random inactivity and adjusting to it. Thank you to Apollo, Chris Py, Armor, Dankey, Mute, and the rest of y'all for an amazing time. Gree (DIO) & my time in the 41st: You all took me into welcome arms when I transferred over and quickly saw something I didn't, allowing me to specialize in ARF and work my way up the ranks despite my inactivity. Thank you for quickly making sure I felt like I was part of the family. Thank you to DIO for dealing with my shit. Thank you to Lin, Lime, Kremit, Flash, and so many more. I do have a custom class which I plan on giving away -- and paying for. Thank you all for the good times - Dune/Anchor p.s. i'm sorry i was a dick head @ staff team <3
  2. Congratulations to @Borith for winning! Please PM what you would like as a prize! To those who didn't win, I'm very sorry. I will be trying to do this quite a bit so stay tuned on the forums.
  3. I will be giving away a Knight rank to those who don't have one already, or give an upgrade of the same price. To enter you must Like the post Comment Tag a friend If you already have a rank, you may choose the following. 6 Combat Levels Stealth Ops Tactical Insertion Grappling Hook Legendary Unstable Blue Legendary Unstable Green Legendary Blue Legendary Green Legendary Orange Legendary Purple Legendary Yellow Royal Hilt Gray Hilt I will be using a random number generator to choose who wins, each comment gets a number (first comment - number 1, second comment - number 2, etc.) WINNER WILL BE DRAWN THURSDAY, APRIL 4TH! - 41st Dune
  4. Lowered the resolution. Should be good now.
  5. It’s only 2MB over, still looking to resolve this. I’ve already paid the model maker for making the model.
  6. i paid for the custom model to be made specifically for this. fuck me.
  7. In-Game Name: 38th CEB SPC Dune 8015 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:49540812 Server: CWRP Custom Job Name: Anchor Squad Color of Job: #394d6d Job Description: A member of the Anchor Squad. First in, last off. Model: Weapons: weapon_752_dc17m_br, weapon_752_kyd21, garde_a_vousv1.1 (Salute SWEP), cross_arms_swep (if possible)
  8. Alright Whats good bois I'm Alaric. I go by "Special Ed Edward" on PoliceRP and I go by "Cannon Fodder" on SWRP. am monki. Always remember -- no yay! -- never forget. I have videos of your beloved Snar singing. - Alaric