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  1. Forethought: Yes, this post is relatively long(ish, not really) for a suggestion thread. This is an extremely large suggestion, impacting the server in a tremendous way. Longer post may be required to gain support. What you want to see? - A new weapons pack/base. TFA is alright, but, it's ONLY alright. CW 2.0 is a fan-favorite. Why should we add it? - TFA is relatively boring. CW 2.0 adds realism, easier balancing through attachments, customizability, and more versatility. What are the advantages of having this? - Lots. Immersion, people being happier with their weapon and getting to feel like it truly is "theirs", and easier updates through the means of changing guns. CW 2.0 gives the options of locking attachments for particular jobs' weapons, so you could give, for example, an SNR and LCPL the same MP5 with locked attachments, then giving a CPL an unlocked variant of the same gun. Overall, I think everyone would be happy because they could actually use guns they LIKE, as opposed to always wanting the BEST guns, given that attachments do a LOT in CW 2.0. What are the disadvantages of having this? - EVERYTHING would need to be redone. Dozens of Custom Classes would have to have their weapons reconfigured, Dozens of Government and Criminal jobs would have to have their guns reconfigured, and a whole bunch of balancing would need to occur in the beginning to make sure the guns function properly with the server's dynamic. Who is it mainly for? - Most people say "everyone" because it affects lots of people in indirect ways (ala rule changes), but this genuinely affects every single person on the server at some point. Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=349050451 (Custom Weapons 2.0) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=358608166 (CW 2.0 Extra Weapons) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486217238 (This is an extra magazine system that adds extreme realism. Not only do you have to buy your ammo, you have to reload them as well. I think this could add some EXTREMELY interesting dynamics to the server, where people would actually have to "gear up" to do something big, like a robbery or raid. This is optional, but I think would fit perfectly with the server, and add a learning curve to try to pass)
  2. +Support, but it can't be a rule. This needs to be a mechanic that is implemented. This usually occurs when no staff are online, and the rule would be wasted.
  3. While I agree that this could be a good change during the DAY when many gov are on and it will be a challenge, consider the silos that are done at night, when you have little to no PD online. It would easily be multi-millions of dollars during the night/early morning (2am - 7am). +/- Support, because it could be super OP when no Gov are online If this was accepted along with this suggestion it's a definite +support from me.
  4. +Support I was there for this, and I'm not sure why the video won't work. Before people say this should've been handled in-game, I reported him three time with multiple staff on and no staff took my sit.
  5. Update: After speaking to a plethora of people (primarily custom-class owners and staff) in-game, we have agreed on a rework that would prioritize realism. You do NOT see people barrel-stuffing with LMG's IRL, if anything, they lie down on the ground with bipods and shoot medium to long range. This is NOT a nerf, this is a REWORK of the function of the weapon. If you decrease the firerate, decrease the recoil, and massively increase the effective range; something magical happens. It become useful as a true, functional light machine gun! You could no longer simply camp a doorway and spray your extremely large magazine and win raids due to sheer bullets and TTK (Time-To-Kill) - just as I did against 5 Tac Units the other night, even while they all stacked up behind a shield and breached, properly following their carefully-written SOP. This is also a good business choice as far as financial reasons go: If people dislike the meta rework (given that the meta should change relatively frequently anyway to see different guns being used), then they can simply purchase a new weapon. It's their own problem. I'm okay with this, and I have a custom class. This is a great rework in the sense of realism, roleplay, business, and most of all: balance.
  6. Unfortunately this is true. I have a CC, and I've been tempted to buy a Gov one (although I won't because I personally dislike the 'All Gov CC's are PD' rule). Any suggestion in regard to nerfing custom class weapons or limiting their availability is simply void due to the extremely vocal minority.
  7. Name: Duncan Rank: PVT Callsign: 1CT66 What changes do you want to see in C.E.R.T Better classes. Get rid of the AK47 completely, give all CERT classes the Nova so it can truly be a subdivision of State, and give more CERT classes smokes. Any suggestions for C.E.R.T This is just a reworded question of the previous one What do you want to see happen in C.E.R.T This is just a reworded answer of a reworded question of the previous question
  8. What you want to see? - The Negev nerfed. I'm not asking for much - a fire-rate nerf and major nerf to reload speed. Why should we add it? - As someone who owns the Negev, It's EXTREMELY overpowered. If I crouch and hold left click, I can mow down 4 Tac Units in a 1v4 scenario...definitely shouldn't be a thing. What are the advantages of having this? - This wouldn't take away from its damage as a weapon, it would just reduce its currently VERY fast close-range (I.E. Anything within a building) Time-To-Kill (TTK). The TTK would be approximately the same in mid-range given that you'd miss the extra shots anyway from the recoil. If anything, this would make the Negev a better weapon at mid-range, balancing out with a close-range nerf. On top of that, people would probably switch to a different gun after going through one full magazine given an extraordinarily slow reload speed. Not to mention it would increase the RP of gunfights as opposed to the current crouch/left-click fests. Who is it mainly for? - Anyone involved in a scenario with a Negev-wielder (Although I'm fully aware people love their Pay2Win classes, I have one too, and it's the least fun thing ever to simply crouch, left-click, and win). Links to any content - N/A
  9. Apart from the negative roleplay aspects of this given that that's what I've primarily seen mentioned: Good luck to staff for trying to enforce something like this, especially to newer players who 90% of the time don't read the MOTD. -Support
  10. +Support As a custom class owner, my guns are extremely overpowered compared to any non-donor gun on the server. I didn't pay to be extremely overpowered with an AWS and Negev (Pay2Win), I paid to have a cool model and to stand out from the crowd. Not to mention I can actually RP as the model I'm playing as if I feel like it.
  11. +Support for a more meaningful DOC than randomly on the side of the road -Support for an unraidable drawbridge fortress that would cause lag and would be spammed when DOC aren't online
  12. Agreed. Unfortunately, however, this rule is hardly enforced. I've reported several people in the past for this, and the sits always ends in a verbal warning and they get to continue whatever they were doing.
  13. Yeah I currently have no warns on the server, and I'd rather take an LTAP warn than listen to some FBI ramble to me for 30 minutes only to be put into jail afterward. I'm all for more RP and whatnot, but there's a pretty thin line between "Fun Roleplay" and "Useless realism" that this would cross. I love being questioned and stuff by FBI or PD for the RP, but after like 5-10 minutes I get bored, the FBI/PD get bored, and any other suspects get bored.