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  1. this is the best news I have heard in months
  2. In-game Name: Duncan Department(s) retiring from: CERT, State Previous Ranks: SPC, 2LT Respectively I am asking for retirement from CERT and State. Not only am I getting to a critical point in the school semester, I have been working quite a bit. When I do have free time, however, I just don't play Garry's Mod right now. With the release of Division 2, Risk of Rain 2, and Borderlands Remastered, I haven't been playing Garry's Mod at all. When I do play, it's because Papa or someone asks me to play MilRP with them. I pretty much fell out of love given the ongoing Negev meta, really. Just lost interest in it, my custom class made things too easy and I got punished without using it, and you'd get punished since you didn't have one as gov. On top of this, I have been approved for reserves for DOC. Previously I was a CPT in DOC, but command graciously allowed me the rank of LT in DOC as reserves. As many of you know, I've commanded on large servers of various types, staffed on large servers of various types, and actually managed a single large server. So far, I have always returned to Garry's Mod at some point. I will remain on the Discord, and I'll probably check the forums once every few days, but that's gonna be the most really seen of me. Just ping me in the Discord if you need anything from me. 'Twas fun, boi-o's. <3
  3. +Support Normally I'd be skeptic about something silly and small like this, but the reviews are pretty darn good. If paying the $5 is an issue, I'm sure there is some player out there that would pay for it.
  4. As much as I LOVE this suggestion, and personally believe it would make the gunplay of the server extraordinarily fun (and not as meta-heavy as it is now), I introduce you to my previously-denied suggestion: https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/38940-new-weapon-system-custom-weapons-20-denied/?tab=comments#comment-262586
  5. +Support Active Mature Respectful Good Roleplayer Will probably be a good fit for staff
  6. -Support to the gas spawn; you'd make gas literally useless. You and I both know what would happen. A large crime family of custom classes would simply get a kingpin to spawn them gas masks, causing complete and utter immunity to government, letting them easily run infinite silos. +Support to the spawning of money silos for kingpins. Seems like a simple mistake in the coding of the job if anything, not really a real reason for them not to be able to.
  7. Name: Duncan Rank: LT (Was a CPT, not sure why I got demoted; was never told) Callsign: 1F17 What would you like to see DOC improve on for the future of the department: Give DOC the Nova and Scar-20. A long-range high-powered rifle to handle prisoners from a tower, a powerful shotgun to help with prison breaks. What are your overall suggestions for DOC: Not much to say without a DOC Signature: X Duncan
  8. Major +Support Cadets will not leave PD when they are not supposed to due to doors being left open If large enough, this could also help the various subdivisions by giving them a real facility to train in, sort of like a more-official PD underground Make it raidable so the government still have to protect (albeit make any cadet rooms non-raidable), but make a world KOS sign out front. If subdivisions hold trainings, tryouts, or meetings there, this would make anyone who enters KOS without question If you make it a large warehouse-eske building, you could fit multiple buildings that are already on the map INSIDE of it. You could hold tryouts on real buildings, with real doors, using real people without disturbing the peace or being minged If implemented correctly, this could be an extraordinary center-piece for the map, in which all of the divisions revolve around and protect with their lives. Every faction could have a stake in this building, and want to make sure it's clean, protected, and free of non-government.
  9. Name: Duncan Rank: SPC Callsign: 1CT51 What would you love to see C.E.R.T improve on for the future of the department: Breaching techniques. More often than not, CERT all just rushes in or stacks improperly. Understandably, however, it's hard to forget to do it properly when other departments do it improperly, or there is just a single man with a small weapon. What are your overall suggestions for the C.E.R.T classes, car dealer, SOP, etc: Obviously we've all been calling for weapon changes for months now. Replace the AK47 among all classes (that have it) with a Galil, replace the XM on the Medic class with a Nova, and give the Breacher a smoke grenade. You can give the flashbang to the trooper to compensate, it's just that while flashbangs are lovely for banks and general stores, they don't compliment breaching charges when you need to place them on fading doors. And PLEASE ask Bob Bob or someone to make new/more CERT skins. Not only do we not have enough vehicles with CERT skins, the current CERT skins look like doodoo. Signature: X Duncan
  10. Honestly I have to say Ghostly for Colonel. Not only is he an admin and maturity is in his best interest, he really pushes the "RP" aspect of State. The ONLY person I've seen that pushes RP more is [REDACTED], also known as Mr. Mozart.
  11. Ingame Name: Duncan SteamID: STEAM_1:1:69411992 Rank: SGT State, SPC CERT, CPT DOC Activity: (Active/Semi active/Inactive) Active usually What do you want to see in state going forward? Why?: Lower ranks allowed to do checkpoints, CERT needs better guns, early State ranks need better vehicles Any Suggestions?: Better State vehicle permissions earlier
  12. Forethought: Yes, this post is relatively long(ish, not really) for a suggestion thread. This is an extremely large suggestion, impacting the server in a tremendous way. Longer post may be required to gain support. What you want to see? - A new weapons pack/base. TFA is alright, but, it's ONLY alright. CW 2.0 is a fan-favorite. Why should we add it? - TFA is relatively boring. CW 2.0 adds realism, easier balancing through attachments, customizability, and more versatility. What are the advantages of having this? - Lots. Immersion, people being happier with their weapon and getting to feel like it truly is "theirs", and easier updates through the means of changing guns. CW 2.0 gives the options of locking attachments for particular jobs' weapons, so you could give, for example, an SNR and LCPL the same MP5 with locked attachments, then giving a CPL an unlocked variant of the same gun. Overall, I think everyone would be happy because they could actually use guns they LIKE, as opposed to always wanting the BEST guns, given that attachments do a LOT in CW 2.0. What are the disadvantages of having this? - EVERYTHING would need to be redone. Dozens of Custom Classes would have to have their weapons reconfigured, Dozens of Government and Criminal jobs would have to have their guns reconfigured, and a whole bunch of balancing would need to occur in the beginning to make sure the guns function properly with the server's dynamic. Who is it mainly for? - Most people say "everyone" because it affects lots of people in indirect ways (ala rule changes), but this genuinely affects every single person on the server at some point. Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=349050451 (Custom Weapons 2.0) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=358608166 (CW 2.0 Extra Weapons) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486217238 (This is an extra magazine system that adds extreme realism. Not only do you have to buy your ammo, you have to reload them as well. I think this could add some EXTREMELY interesting dynamics to the server, where people would actually have to "gear up" to do something big, like a robbery or raid. This is optional, but I think would fit perfectly with the server, and add a learning curve to try to pass)
  13. +Support, but it can't be a rule. This needs to be a mechanic that is implemented. This usually occurs when no staff are online, and the rule would be wasted.
  14. While I agree that this could be a good change during the DAY when many gov are on and it will be a challenge, consider the silos that are done at night, when you have little to no PD online. It would easily be multi-millions of dollars during the night/early morning (2am - 7am). +/- Support, because it could be super OP when no Gov are online If this was accepted along with this suggestion it's a definite +support from me.
  15. +Support I was there for this, and I'm not sure why the video won't work. Before people say this should've been handled in-game, I reported him three time with multiple staff on and no staff took my sit.