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  1. This is literally perfectly written. Everything about this is trye, and he did a great job. The only problem I have with it is when he said: Since when do your sits result in a warn? The only thing I ever see anyone warned for in my sits is LTAP. It doesn't matter if they RDM me, break FearRP, or steal my cop car; 99% of my sits result in a "verbal warning".
  2. InGame Name: Duncan Trooper Rank & Badge #: Trooper SNR Duncan 1T78 Question 1: Do you feel you are being treated fairly and with the correct level of respect within State? Yes or no, and please give your reasoning? Yes. I have no qualms with anyone within State really, and I feel like everyone shows a decent amount of respect for one another. Question 2: Please list 3 or more recommendations you think would improve the atmosphere of roleplay and seriousness within the Rockford State Trooper department? Allow checkpoints to be created+supervised by much lower ranks, I think it would add to RP, and could bring a lot of fun as well. Better cars all-around. Why does State (esecially lower ranks) have such poopoo cars? If someone could record the meetings or summarize them after they finish. Question 3: Do you have any other issues or things you would like to mention to us? Please feel free to express your honest opinion. I feel that it's slightly unfair that it seems that you MUST attend the meetings if you want to be promoted. I have a job and online college - things that are much more important to me than Garry's Mod. I wish that hard work and dedication could be recognized without having to attend a weekly meeting.
  3. Oh true, I forgot abou the tires. I literally hate playing Truck Driver because my truck always spawns with popped tires and it takes 20 mins to repair them.
  4. Personally, I think just allowing us to spawn the repair kits from our f4 menu would suffice, but this would do just as well. +Support
  5. Well you may have been 096, I'm just still not super familar with names/numbers of the SCP's. I'm learning as quick as I can! Just about to donate for Silver VIP once I finish typing this! Still thinking about purchasing the Falcon as well, but people have mixed reviews in regard to it's power.
  6. First, I got trained. Simple stuff. Then, I met a whole bunch of players/staff, studied some of the SCP on the forums, killed some D Class ... the norm. Patrols, blindly guarding the D-Block exit, and handling breaches when called upon became the normality for me - until the event. It was a Chaos Insurgency v. Foundation event, and the CI had proclaimed 5+ SCP. I didn't understand anything much past that, but I did my best. I was part of a squad that went to the surface to engage in combat, there were 9 of us I think. We received information that the Chaos Insurgency would be performing bombing runs on the surface. Oh lord, please save us. We quickly dwindled from 9 of us to 4 of us, the last 4 being led by MSGT Tyler. The Chaos Insurgency decided to enter the hospital where we were hiding. The gods gave me a boost: 300 Health! We stood a chance! Everyone around me was dying/dead, but I just got boosed to 300 health! We entered a firefight with the Chaos Insurgency within the hospital. There were shots, screams, and bombs. So many bombs. After the dust had settled, I was the only one who survived, and had bloodstains from 5 different CI members on my clothes. I added 5 notches to my weapon. I needed to exit, return to the surface. I hid in the hospital again and called out over the radio. I was the only one. I snuck to the building across from the hospital. All I could hear were the voices of CI and SCP around me. All of them were there, every single one. One passed me as I crouched in a corner, then another one. I took my chance and followed one up the stairs to see if I could get one last kill - he jumped off the roof, leaving me completely unnoticed. I snuck around the voices, hearing doors open and close, steps taken, guns fired, and bombs in the distance. The bombs...anyway, I made my way back to the entrance of the Foundation base. I made it. I survived. As my beginning rank of SO, I successfully made it to the surface, ended the lives of 5 members of the Chaos Insurgency, and made it back alive - all with 133 health to spare. This was my experience with my first three hours of SCP-RP. I cannot wait to experience some more.
  7. Duncan McOkiner

    Gang Unit!

    Well technically that would be FBI's job in general, given that they are already a faction based on roleplay and investigations. I can see how this is confusing, however, given that all FBI recently have wanted to be Tac Unit (not referring to the PD Custom Class "FBI HRT", I'm referring to the way all members of FBI have simply been rushing into situations alongside Tac Units after being told to leave). -Support, it's already implemented, just not executed.
  8. You cannot "pay" to be a Tac Unit or an assistant Tac Unit. A Tac Unit (Or even assistant with no true ones online) would take control of situations like Bank Robberies - you have jurisdiction there. As stated in the Custom Class Job Format, you cannot "pay" for a Tactical Unit job. You are simply a member of the PD (using the same priviliges of your rank) that has good weapons - you do not have jurisdiction there unless given permission for each particular situation. Yes, PD will often ask for your assistance given your weaponry, but you cannot do anything without their permission (unless you out-rank them in PD). Your "First Response" class should be the same way, but for some reason you actively evade the rules on that one as well. Consider this post completely VOID IF a member of SMT comes on here and decides that you are allowed to simply break the rules. This was not a post meant in a harmful nature or my opinion on the subject, but more-so as a relay of the information easily found on the existing GamingLight documents in regard to the subject. Edit: For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to this: https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/1446-custom-job-format/. Directly under the part where it tells you the price of making your job a criminal or government job, it quotes: Adding a Government Custom Class, does NOT mean for the Class to be considered a "Tactical Unit" meaning you may not move into Bank Robberies, General Store Raids, etc.. Government Custom Classes are considered to be a PD Class and may only use PD Vehicles inside the dealer unless you have bought a Custom Car separately for the Class. Personally, it seems that since this involves money and what you are specifically allowed to donate for, it seems that this is a debacle that only Zeeptin could properly solve; unless all of SMT has authority to handle Custom Class permissions/Donator problems.
  9. How is this even a Tac team if it's a custom class? It's considered a PD job unless SMT decides to gives them a pass for some silly reason.
  10. I think this suggestion overall is geared towards elite players who have custom classes, or at least are part of familes who have custom classes. Of course for a couple VIP Thieves it would be silly for them to try to raid the bank with this change, but I think this change was to make the bank a little more inviting to elite players for the money than just a reason to kill police.
  11. There are two main ways this could be implemented: Make the prisoner job it's own job, able to spawn the license plate system Rhenic mentioned previously. The job could spawn with fists, and DOC could strip everything else. You'd have to write MOTD rules for prisoners, however. Not to mention the prisoners would need to spawn in their very own location, so you don't have people just casually playing as a prisoner without true DOC on, given that no other factions should actively be watching the prison. Keep everything the same as now, except when you jail players, they are automatically stripped of everything and given fists. Their playermodel would be changed to a prisoner playermodel, in a much similar fashion to that of the FBI Undercover NPC. +Support for either way, it just depends how in-depth you want to go with this.
  12. +Support IF The minimum number of all government on is 12-15. (This would account for the government classes that don't help with bank raids I.E. Courtroom government, Pres/Vice, Secret Service when Pres is on) The bank can only be robbed once every 30-45 minutes via a scripted timer, not a server rule. (This would keep from mingy crime families from spamming the Bank Raid very quickly, no matter the money available. I'd say let the money start recharging at 30 minutes so it's available to raid, but it doesn't go back up to the full amount until an unraided hour goes by.) It takes 8-10 minutes to rob the bank. (This would give the active government time for an NLR cycle or two to expire so they could come back and help again. If the money is to be raised dramatically, the challenge of raiding the bank should be raised significantly.)
  13. Lag is a major issue on Garry's Mod, and some of the best servers stay at the top because of the time spent on optimization. I understand it would be really cool, fun, and add a lot of RP ... but it's a -Support from me.