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  1. Name: Duncan Rank & Callsign: PVT XR62 Activity: Yes What Would You Like To See Changed/added to SWAT?: Ronin to be SuperCoCommander
  2. TL;DR - Storytime! This is a recalling of my events, if you don't want to read it, click away. Sorry for the long read, I enjoy telling about my time on the server! Just to preface, this is in no way a "report" or anything like that - because of that, I will leave out names. I get on the SCPRP server like once every few months just to RP, given that RP is usually decent here. Part 1 It all started at first by randomly spawning props as a D-Class. Nothing mingy or spammy, just building myself a cute little hut or spawning myself a guitar while pretending to play it in a circle of other D-Bois who had spawned chairs. I didn't know this was against the rules until I decided to check later, no-one seemed to mind. I decided it was time to give Security Heavy SO Duncan (now Security OFC Duncan) a chance to play. As per the usual, I flexed on the filthy casuals with my grenade and R8 Revolver. Without that R8, I'm not so sure I'd ever get on the server! Due to excessive minges with little GENSEC, this devolved into a skirmish of minge. Nevertheless, the non-minges were determined to RP. In some casual conversion guarding D-Block, I was suddenly cuffed, gagged, and blindfolded. I was taken to the incinerator rooms, where two masked men unblindfolded and ungagged me. They proceeded to "break" the door by standing in it while closing it. They revealed themselves to be MTF Agents, and kept screaming, "WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT NAME?" I kept apologizing. They proceeded to break my nose, shoot both of kneecaps, punch me in the stomach, and yell at me. I started to sob while they were yelling. I did not understand what I did wrong. When everything seemed grim, 4 random technicians and an SO burst into the room demanding that I were released. The SO gunned down one of the MTF Agents. The other MTF Agent, however, mowed each individual down. One of the Agents decided that he would have to play as an administrator and solve the debacle. The other MTF Agent silently went AFK in the room. The SO that gunned me down had been blacklisted from GENSEC. 20 minutes later of pure silence, that SO returned as a technician and broke me free from my cuffs. I dragged the AFK MTF Agent into the incinerator after cuffing him in retaliation of him kidnapping me. I had accidentally pinned myself in there with him, and all seemed to be lost. Then - a figure entered the room that may have been my savior: a Small Teddy Bear. The Bear turned on the incinerator with myself and the MTF inside. Part 2 I returned to the D-Block area like a normal day. I kept having these visions of hatred, jealousy, and fear of these well-armored men by my side. They wielded shotguns and would often exercise their power, saying, "I AM MTF AND YOU ARE GENSEC." I did not fully understand, but I have only been trained to follow orders. A Technician would often enter the room to boss around the GENSEC, commanding that "He was GENSEC Command on his other life, do as I say or I will demote you." From fear, I was forced to listen. Nevertheless, I wanted to have fun. I kidnapped an OFC that was minging and took him to the firing range. I bounded him to the ceiling. I pointed at the target dummy and asked, "Where do you think would be the most painful place to get shot?" He did not answer - so I shot him in the testicles. He did not enjoy that. We played a game titled "Dodge the Lead" - he was not very good. A Teddy Bear came and asked if he could have the OFC as a pet. I agreed, but only under the circumstances that he would refer to him as a sextoy or playtoy. Although the Bear did not speak, there was a silent agreement. The last I saw, he went behind a large metal door and closed the door. The rest was history. I proceeded to follow the exact same events with another OFC. From the firing range to the Teddy Bear. He was more fun - more screaming. I tried again with a third OFC - he was extraordinarily angry, which pushed me further. After playing some Dodge the Lead, a technician came in and let him out of his cuffs. He got some shots off on me, but I managed to escape. I ran and I ran fast, closing each and every barrier between us. I made it to the Med-Bay, where I realized I had carried a trail of blood behind me. Hoping to throw off the Traitor OFC, I locked-down the Medbay and told them over comms that I was outdoors. With the help of some creature that could go invisible and move through walls, they spotted me. I laid silently in the Medbay bed, unable to move from my injuries. The zombie-like creature would occasionally draw his firearm and fire upon me, but my skin seemed to have been made of steel. After ~30 minutes of agony, my time had finally come. No-one killed me, no-one slayed me, but my injuries from the OFC had finally caused me to bleed out. I knew it was time. I unlocked the Medbay doors, and was almost instantly transported to some dark maze. My body could no longer function, and I bled out right there in the middle of the maze, without setting a foot into a single hallway. END So ends the first tale of Security OFC Duncan of 2020. Congratulations to those willing to RolePlay. To those who were not - I respectfully hope you soon realize it is a video-game, and the only fun that you will have is the fun that you make for yourself. In the future, please do not shun those who may enjoy a different sense of Roleplay than you. Simply let them be.
  3. Personally I stopped playing from ResidentSleeper gun metas. Negev on my Custom Class made things too easy, no Negev on gov made things too difficult. At least the server is headed in the right direction with the new building rules, but .5 second kill times isn't for me
  4. Name: Duncan Rank & Callsign: PVT XR49 Activity: Inactive in-game, Active in the Discord and on the Forums Why Should We Keep You In The Department and what can you bring to the department: While I may not necessarily be super active right now, I have a tendency to get on in times of need. I am very knowledgeable about GamingLight, the tactics we use, the addons the server uses, and Garry's Mod as a whole. I haven't felt like I've been necessary recently, so I've been off doing other things. However, Duncan is always watching.
  5. +/- Support 50k per year (500k maximum) helps to keep the poor in prison 50k per year (500k maximum) is cheap enough for the rich to never be in prison $500,000 is still a relatively large number for those stingy players, such as myself, who is going on $40m For those rich folk who are not stingy, $500,000 is like you said - a penny in a haystack Overall, I do not really believe that raising the bail amount is a good alternative. My suggestion is (without posting a link to the already-made suggestion) to evenly split a percentage of the bail money among all government that are on, similar to taxes. This would encourage arresting over killing, roleplaying over shootouts, and help to feel as if putting someone in prison for 10 years isn't a waste of everyone's time.
  6. Is easily one of the best command members of PD. I would absolutely love to see this guy go as far as possible!
  7. I see this, "You Guys", statement a whole bunch throughout. While I do agree that some of them (on both sides on the families) were absolutely hacking beyond doubt (I think I got sniped across spawn by a Mac-10), and I do also believe that one of them in particular was crashing server, I do not believe DeSean was participating in it. If he was, I think it would be great if video evidence were posted here. I have had nothing but great experiences with DeSean. Even as Gov, sometimes I would simply drive up to his base and have a conversation, then get back to it. He has been grinding away at the server with playtime, donated, and made several friends. I think that if he were the one hacking or crashing the server, he probably would have done it by now - yet this is the first complaint that I've heard about him. +Support
  8. What you want to see? - It seems that every Breacher/Marksman/Rifleman from the various Tactical Units are carbon-copies of the other. In fact, EVERY single "breacher" job has the Nova and EVERY single "sniping-focused" job has the AWP. These shotguns and snipers are what concern me, given that each Tactical Breaching/Sniping Unit is essentially the same. Why should we add it? - The GamingLight SCPRP already has these additional TFA Shotguns and Snipers. They are already a thing on GamingLight. This means there is already a reuploaded and organized version of the additional TFA Snipers and Shotguns. Not only would this increase variation of Snipers and Shotguns (as to make each sniping/breaching job unique), but it could bring money into the server bank account, given that people might add these to their custom class. What are the advantages of having this? - Firearm variation, server profit. Who is it mainly for? - Server Finances and anyone interested in a Tactical Unit Links to any content - I tried to find the version that igneous uploaded for the SCPRP, but he has them labeled weird. It should be in the SCPRP content pack somewhere. ?
  9. This is absolutely something that would have to be implemented. Good thoughts!
  10. +Support Pretty much exclusively gets on the server to minge, pretending that he is "roleplaying". Never had a good experience with him. He shouldn't be on the server, and his warn count depicts that clearly.
  11. All government departments. It would stack up in the same way the taxes do, then the president can choose to release them at any point. To combat your point of Policing for Money, I imagine this will actually do a great job of "weeding out" the bad government officials. Government commanders would have to hold their lowers much more responsible for proper jailing procedures and jailing times. That is definitely a fair point, and it was one of the few things that almost stopped me from making this suggestion. Keep the feedback coming, guys! It's the small changes that add up that can truly make a large impact on the server!
  12. TL;DR IS THE BOLD PRINT What you want to see? - As we all know, the cost of bailing someone out is finally a fair price - bailing someone out should mean something to you, instead of spamming bail on every single person in the jail. The cost is $50,000/yr. This means that someone who is put in for the maximum time goes in for $500,000! This is a lot of money taken away from the server. While I agree with the money being taken away, we should (if possible) put bail money in with the money that is distributed to the Government via the Mayor. This allows for government to earn a larger sum of money based on the amount of actual arrests they do, as opposed to gunning everyone down. Why should we add it? - Government jobs could receive money based on the work they put in, Government officials would be incentivized to arrest as opposed to kill, and criminals would directly pay the government via bail, creating a cycle of finances. What are the advantages of having this? - See Above Who is it mainly for? - Government Jobs Links to any content - N/A
  13. this is the best news I have heard in months
  14. In-game Name: Duncan Department(s) retiring from: CERT, State Previous Ranks: SPC, 2LT Respectively I am asking for retirement from CERT and State. Not only am I getting to a critical point in the school semester, I have been working quite a bit. When I do have free time, however, I just don't play Garry's Mod right now. With the release of Division 2, Risk of Rain 2, and Borderlands Remastered, I haven't been playing Garry's Mod at all. When I do play, it's because Papa or someone asks me to play MilRP with them. I pretty much fell out of love given the ongoing Negev meta, really. Just lost interest in it, my custom class made things too easy and I got punished without using it, and you'd get punished since you didn't have one as gov. On top of this, I have been approved for reserves for DOC. Previously I was a CPT in DOC, but command graciously allowed me the rank of LT in DOC as reserves. As many of you know, I've commanded on large servers of various types, staffed on large servers of various types, and actually managed a single large server. So far, I have always returned to Garry's Mod at some point. I will remain on the Discord, and I'll probably check the forums once every few days, but that's gonna be the most really seen of me. Just ping me in the Discord if you need anything from me. 'Twas fun, boi-o's. <3
  15. +Support Normally I'd be skeptic about something silly and small like this, but the reviews are pretty darn good. If paying the $5 is an issue, I'm sure there is some player out there that would pay for it.