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  1. Hey all, Zeeko here. So I've noticed over the week I've been MIA from the server, that the community for JvS is ever but slowly migrating from the server. As the current state when I decided to take a break. (little over a week ago.) There wasn't much for a player to do regarding leveling up or getting into PvP. I myself cannot blame inactivity nor AFKRP, as I do the same thing. I feel like there was a passion for this server during its first reveal and launch days. But from what I've seen, that passion has all but faded away. I would love for the server to survive, but at it's current rate. I don't think it'll last much longer. I have really enjoyed playing on the server, but it's not all that fun when there's loop holes around rules and some balancing issues. I feel like the main priority as of now, is the leveling up system. I feel like the leveling up system can be approved upon by, finally implementing the quest system, granting some sort of system where you can pay your in game currency (Galactic Credits.) to level up your skills. (Much like a system as the Elder Scroll games.) I feel like there definitely needs to be server Owner presence a lot more to listen in on the players feed back and to even just say hello. (I know a lot of people complained about this.) As I really don't want the server to crash and burn, it is really heading for a nose dive here. If the Staff/Faction heads, can get together to really sit down and devise a plan with each other, to change the direction of the server, it will prevent the preventable crash and burn. As to my fellow, Jedi. Keep training! π‘€π’Άπ“Ž 𝓉𝒽𝑒 π’»π‘œπ“‡π’Έπ‘’ 𝒷𝑒 π“Œπ’Ύπ“‰π’½ π“Žπ‘œπ“Š, π’Άπ“π“Œπ’Άπ“Žπ“ˆ ~π’΅π‘’π‘’π“€π‘œ
  2. +Support I like the whole idea of being able to have a sense of player progression, but the exp system is a little unforgiving at the current moment, and being able to a skill point every level would help.
  3. Zeeko


    I think Faction Leaders and high ranking officials in said faction should be able to white list people to certain ranks, this'll allow more people to get white listed sooner rather than waiting forever just to become the first rank in a faction.
  4. Jedi Advancement Requirements Jedi Master Jedi Knight - 50 Trials Completed - 25 trials completed - Jedi Knight for at least one month - Padawan for at least two weeks - Combat level at least Level 75 - Combat Level at least level 35 - Good Conduct and Activity (Records will show) - Good Conduct and Activity (Records will show) - At least one Council Sponsor - At least two Jedi Knight Sponsors - Submitted Application - Submitted Application - Had verbal interview - Had verbal interview - At least two weeks playtime - At least three days of playtime Jedi Padawan Jedi Initiate - Initial Training Done - Initial Entry of Order (Given) - At least 10 minutes of play time - At least Combat Level five
  5. Jedi Trial Dates Jedi Knight Jedi Master 11-07-18 10:30 est N/A 11-11-18 5:00 est N/A This schedule is subject to change
  6. If you reset skill points, itll make you lose points. I am level 52, I should have 26, but then I went to reset I only had 23, then I resetted again and I only had 22 points left. (Also buff force heal :P)
  7. Jedi Expulsion Form Name of Offender: Reason for expulsion: Date of offense: Date of hearing: Jedi Council members who attended: Sponsor: Number of offenses: Full description of offense and hearing (Include final verdict): By filling out and signing this form, all information filled in is 100% truthful and have been completed to the best of your ability x____________________________
  8. Jedi Padawan Trial/Records Padawan Name: Trial Completions: Disciplinary Actions: Amount of mock duels won/lost: Combat Level: Padawan's Master's Name:
  9. JEDI ADVANCEMENT REQUEST In game name: Current Combat Level: Current Jedi Master: Time Played: Current Sponsor for advancement: Rank you are requesting: Trials Completed: Reason for request (200 Words minimum list accomplishments and goals below): Completion of this form does not guarantee Jedi Advancement Advancement approval is to the Jedi Councils discretion. Electronic Signature below to acknowledge the above x_________________________________________
  10. Grand Master of the Order: N/A Master of the Order: Zeeko Jedi Master: Rexen Jedi Knight: Alpha These are currently the leadership figureheads of the Jedi order, as I set up Trials and promotion request forms these Personnel are the current Jedi high command and will be altered in the future until I set up everything. May the force be with you, Master of the Order, Zeeko