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  1. + Support Is active Does a great job on USAF Listens to orders P.S. Your two recommendations aren't officers!
  2. Ingame Name: US LTC 160th LDI Jackal SteamID:STEAM_0:1:59630371 What date did you start playing the community: Near the time of June last year When did you create your forums account:Oct 28, 2018 What is your current ULX rank on the server:Platinum How many warns do you have on the server:0 What timezone do you live in:Central How often can you be on:Usually 3 hours on weekdays if im not doing something with family or other sorts and on weekends if i am not doing something 5 hours Why do you want to join the Event Team:I want to join because i would like to better the enjoyment of others on the server. I would like to ensure that when someone gets off that they say hey that was an enjoyable experience I want to get on again. I truly like the event team because i enjoy events and i want to be an actual part of it. I feel like im doing something important to better the server. What is an example of an RP event you would host: So to start with the mission someone would call debrief. They would simply state let us go out on an patrol. They would find some data that would lead to an enemy base. They would then try to assult the base but then be anhilated by the overwhelming amount of enemies there. They would find out there are nearby bombs that can be activated to bomb the base. They would go to the site capture it and start setting off the bomb. While doing so this would be on a terminal they have to protect while waves of npcs try to capture the point. Helis and tanks would not be allowed on the first go about when assulting the base. Ru could be included considering how there is hardly any of them that get on.
  3. + support Does a good job with missions
  4. +/- Support + Does a good job when online - never see him online
  5. + Support is an epic vice commander
  6. Name:Jackal Rank:MAJ Roster Status:Active
  7. Name:Jackal Hive Ran:MAJ Roster Status:Active Main Branch:Army Core
  8. Name and Rank: MAJ Jackal Reason (If personal state "Personal"): Having late Christmas with family. I might be able to attend though. This is a big maybe I Promise to speak to an Officer or read Brief Letters to get details of the meeting(Put understood): Understood
  9. You were a good general not going to lie
  10. Awesome! I have been waiting for a meeting for a long time
  11. + Support +good soldier +responsible
  12. In Game Name:Jackal Hive US Rank:1LT Two Officer Recommendations (COL-): USAF AFSOC 1LT CT and USMC Warwinner How much time do you have on the server? (3 Day 10 Hour minimum):4d Why should we trust you with Captain? (50 word minimum):When I join i have the intention to help. I want to hold Debrief and be known to be trusted with doing one. As most often as I can I try to get online and help. I want to take full responsibility and help others when i get on. When i get on the server i do not try to minge but try to resolve problems and help when needed. Why do you want to be Captain? (50 word minimum): I want to be a captain because i wan't to know that I can keep people and line and try to help win the war more often than usual. I want to show that I can keep up with the situation. I want to make squads and help to try and organize the US Army Core Regiment. I strive to try and get the ranks that I get and Captain Is the one ahead. I will use the job and pay attention to training to make sure i use it to my fullest capabillity How often can you be on?: Usually 5 Hours + depending on what day it is What is your timezone?: Central Time Zone