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  1. gup

    Unban Appeal

    I know. About the anger issues, I have been attending meetings what help me calm down, But its not always me who starts it, Sometimes its people annoying me, But It was really nice knowing you, I will probably not get accepted because I have like 100 -Support :( Thanks for the -support bois, I know who likes me and who doesnt
  2. gup

    Unban Appeal

    I have changed, I have been attending meeting what help me deal with my anger issues!
  3. gup

    Unban Appeal

    Steam Name: 𝔃𝒆𝓾𝓼 Ingame Name: Zeus SteamID: STEAM_0:1:162965271 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Snar Reason for Ban: "Blacklisted" Dispute: Hello! So First off, I'd like to say That there is a copy of me called Zues and I'm Zeus He Switched the E and U over, I got blacklisted from EMS, And Nearly SS But Struftdot saved me as He Noticed it, And It was not me as I was on a break ( What I didn't mention to anybody ) Because I have had some social problems with people passing away and High School, And Homework, And Then Suddenly when I had some spare time, I thought that It would be a good idea to go on the server and Have some fun with my departments such as PD and SS, But then suddenly my heart sank, Because I saw that I was banned Perm ? I was really Shocked, As I didn't know why I was banned and If it was supposed for the minge 'Zues' , I have to admit sometimes I get heated and angry, But I do calm down eventually, And Sometimes I am mingey, But I do settle and when I do, I can actually properly Roleplay as PD and other departments, But I just want an explanation from Snar, As I was Away for 1 week, And I wasn't even on the server for a while, I don't know if It was meant for me, I just really want an Explanation, And Maybe a Possible Unban, As I assume it wasn't for me as I have had issues with the Other 'Zues' Before. I know Sometimes, I can get heated, But deep down I am Kind, And I'm not how People see me as, I just really want to be back in the fun, Sorry for anything I did to you guys or said to you guys, I just sometimes I cant help it, As I have disabilities and other issues such a social problems and stuff at school
  4. gup

    Julius Staff Report

    I didnt think that it would go this far th3
  5. gup

    Julius Staff Report

    I didnt run. I didnt Harrass him And I was angry so I didnt want to talk to anybody And Yes I was disrespecting him because I got minged falsely I was moving around not running like I said its something I need to do within my autism as Its my disability
  6. gup

    Julius Staff Report

    Your In-Game Name: Zeus Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:16296527 Staff member's In-Game Name: Julius Staff member's In-Game SteamID: STEAM_0:1:126468376 What did they do? Ok, So Firstly I got a report while I was PD, That there was a Stolen Red Lambo, And then I see the lambo at the scene and I chase after it, I pit it multiple times, at my last hope, I pit him once me ram him into the wall and then get out and point a gun at him, ( He was Driving on the wrong side of the motorway ) Then he turned around and then the car was aimed at me, I told him to get out while a Gun pointed at him, and then he Drive towards me putting my life in danger ( In Roleplay ) And then I code RED him and destroy the stolen vehicle, and then he calls a staff member ( Julius ) once I cuffed him, And then Julius Comes and Doesnt Give me a chance to speak until I interupt him and DEMAND that I speak, and then he gives me an attitude and says I can and interupts me multiple times, and then He said that I cant code red him, what I think is unfair, And then During all off this I was moving around because Its apart of my Autism, And then doesnt say anything about it and then I start bhopping around the sit as I was bored as the sit has already gone on for a while! And then carry's on to shout at me :C and then while I was bhopping around, he said "Im done with this shit, you prick!" and then anti-minged me for 900 seconds, during that duration I got a bit heated and started to complain in admin chat, and then tp's to me and starts telling me to shut up and being really rude, until Billy comes and then He told Billy that I have been harrassing him ( F A L S E ) And then Billy started to shout at me and said If I carry on "Harrassing" him that I will be banned :C and then I got really upset :C Evidence (REQUIRED): Didnt think It'll go this far What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Demotion. To be honest, The really made me upset, how the staff member could lie through their teeth and say that I harrassed them, This really teared me up when I got shouted at for something I didnt do :C Sorry Julius, But you brought it upon yourself man, Especially when you full on lied to a staff member and made him shout at me what really made me upset man I cant handle things like this man :C
  7. I've already been trained soo
  8. Thanks @Nucleus and @Kraz3d4073
  9. IG Name: Zeus Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have: 16, ( I was Very Immature, I have now become Mature and Havent got a Warn Since I rejoined the community ) What departments are you in and what rank: Police LCPL / FBI PA / Why do you want to be EMS (150 Words Minimum): I'd like to be EMS Because people inspire me when they are online, Going around helping people and I like it, It just brings a whole new meaning to Roleplay, It just makes roleplay more fun all together, When in reality you would "remove a bullet" from somebody's arm from an operating table. But in the game its like a less realistic version and you just heal them, But people just make it realistic what makes it much much more better roleplay, Thats why I would want to be EMS, Not just because it has sirens and light, because its just fun to be EMS, its better than being in combat ALL the time with police with always guns and shooting But this job makes it really calm and make it much better roleplay instead of intense roleplay, but some people like it, I just like to be ems and be calm. I also like all the skins on the ambulances, There is also a charger I saw what looks so sweet, I appreciate that they made different ambulances instead of 1 ambulance for 1 job and instead multiple to choose from, I just find it better roleplay!(198 Words ) Who recruited you? (Put N/A if nobody did) Asst Chief Rhys C3 I had to redo it as people couldnt see it!