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  1. Thanks @Nucleus and @Kraz3d4073
  2. IG Name: Zeus Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have: 16, ( I was Very Immature, I have now become Mature and Havent got a Warn Since I rejoined the community ) What departments are you in and what rank: Police LCPL / FBI PA / Why do you want to be EMS (150 Words Minimum): I'd like to be EMS Because people inspire me when they are online, Going around helping people and I like it, It just brings a whole new meaning to Roleplay, It just makes roleplay more fun all together, When in reality you would "remove a bullet" from somebody's arm from an operating table. But in the game its like a less realistic version and you just heal them, But people just make it realistic what makes it much much more better roleplay, Thats why I would want to be EMS, Not just because it has sirens and light, because its just fun to be EMS, its better than being in combat ALL the time with police with always guns and shooting But this job makes it really calm and make it much better roleplay instead of intense roleplay, but some people like it, I just like to be ems and be calm. I also like all the skins on the ambulances, There is also a charger I saw what looks so sweet, I appreciate that they made different ambulances instead of 1 ambulance for 1 job and instead multiple to choose from, I just find it better roleplay!(198 Words ) Who recruited you? (Put N/A if nobody did) Asst Chief Rhys C3 I had to redo it as people couldnt see it!