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  1. You were more active than Richard, and that, means a lot.
  2. What would you like to see added: Events that will populate the server and grow DarkRP or even an Event Team like DarkRP has, it will majorly spark interest in DarkRP. Why should it be added: It will gain a player base into DarkRP and people perhaps from other servers in Gaming Light will spark an interest in this and eventually we can build off that. In some other servers I have been in for Garry's Mod primarily, their DarkRP server always had these fun events were people would get on and compete for either bragging rights or some in-game money to put some more competition in the Evenet. Who is it mainly going to help: Everyone in the server gain interest in the server and compete in fun activities. The Event Team can have different activities from Hide/Seek, War, Battle Royale, Siege, and many more can be thought of along the way. The server just needs a boost and this could really help it. What will this improve: This will majorly improve our player base, as you know, our player base in DarkRP is quite fairly small and we don't have much at the moment due to the server only being a couple weeks old. This little step will be able to put us ahead and make the server better. Links to any content: N/A
  3. You'll be missed Ace, Good luck in the future buddy.
  4. -Support This should be automatically denied, it’s a public poll. Learn the rules before applying.
  5. -Support Gain more knowledge about the DarkRP server and MOTD rules, I don’t believe you are knowledgeable quite yet to become a staff member. Give it a couple of weeks and you’ll get there. But for now the app doesn’t seem up to par as what I’ve seen from others. Anyways not my decision, good luck bud!
  6. +Support - Good guy - Above average App - Ready to help on the team
  7. That'd be above average.
  8. As again chicken you came through +Support The player clearly broke many rules like ARDM, FDA and RDM. As well as minging quite heavily. I believe the minimum punishment should be at least a good warn. But that’s for John to decide.
  9. Huge +Support - Friendly - Honest - Active - Knows the Rules - Ready for Staff The app may be short, but a great person in game.
  10. I've seen about 5+ cases where the player joins a server and they have an inventory that is gone. They had the weapon when they got off but they get on the next day and it's gone. It's usually only weapon packs that disappear. But it's starting to be concerning for the player base of DarkRP. A fix would be appreciative so people don't come on the server with a heart breaking glitch. Thanks, Willy
  11. RU CORE ROLE CALL! Use this format! Name: Rank: Questions: You have till the 10th, any officers not responding will be striked/removed. Thanks, Willy
  12. Willy

    Coache's ban request

    Massive +Support ON ALL I remember you chicken. You were being heavily abused by those dudes. And I had no sufficient evidence to do anything. But I had to get off due to being on for many hours and my eyes straining. I’m sorry you had to go through that. This is why more staff members are needed in DarkRP.
  13. A player approached me about a Packer not being able to get the box out of the packer. I tried as well, you press "E" on it and nothing happens. A fix would be much appreciated so people don't lose their money anymore. Thanks, Willy
  14. I've experienced with many others massive frame drops when spawning in CSGO weapon sweps in game. It's a massive problem and from 300 frames you go down to 10-20. Many can vouch for this. Thanks, Willy