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  1. +Major Plus Support Texas, is more than ready to become a commander, he has always been commanding and shows extreme leadership skills, he is responsible and will take the blame for any of his troopers, he is an amazing trooper, he has had his rough start but has shown insane improvement.
  2. But in all honesty, You were the real OG, the guy who never gave a single fuck about anything, you're an amazing guy. Thanks for making Gaminglight, Gaminglight for me. I remember on Rishi, we used to see eachother and you hit me with a "oh fuck apollo" god, that felt heart warming :))
  4. Get ready to be Slapped in school -From your baby Apollo :)
  5. +support Adds a variety of classes to choose from and to specialize in, medics will for sure improve combat with droids and assist other battalions. Snipers will help with negotiations and can provide a better view on our enemies.
  6. +Support +Extremely kind +Funny but serious as well +Have previous experiences with leading -Behalf of the Fruit Snack Council
  7. I'm not spamming it OOC chat, if you want to no see the messages then just leave, I'm putting it in the chat for the people that didn't receive it.
  8. Petition to get CT PVT Brrger back to his Rank CT Brrger was an outstanding officer, although he jumped ranks he deserved the rank he received which was COL, he hosted CT patrols, missions, and most importantly lead his fellow brothers to victory, but....just recently he was demoted not from COL not to SGT not to CPL but to PVT, the time he put into the game and RP'd seriously was just shut down and was all useless, This petition is to bring him back to COL at his earned rank. Thank you for Reading, and Please Support the cause! #BrrgerForCOL
  9. [GL] Apollo

    Omega`s LOA

    Alright sir, Take your time come back as soon as you fucking can you asshole ps: love you bb
  10. +support my pappi soreos are pee Fantastic leader pee pee very big
  11. Farewell then, it was a great time serving next to you and taking in my shit in MilRP with the Janitors, it as always a pleasure and will be one of the greatest times of my GMOD career, thank you for making it that, I (fucking) love you. (im not crying your crying)
  12. D-d-does this means for StarWarsRP Too?