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  1. fucking bitch wheres mine? smd honestly
  2. Might as well stop already eggs, I'm gonna get the ultimate victory royale and get trail mod
  3. +SUPPORT 38th have support, EOD, AT 212th have Airborne 5th have SC/SG 104th have EVO 501st have Assault TRPR The 327th could use some additions, we don't have much altogether; and with this we could possibly get some players to actually want to join the 327th
  4. +Support +I see you're remorseful +Spoke to you privately, I hope you do well +Was an amazing RP'er before all chaos broke loose Do good, Reapo.
  5. Highly dislike the DC-15 327th edition, I rather have the matte black than the clone-piss colored gun add a poll
  6. K-Comp is still gonna be under bly, its kind of like SC for 5th.
  7. Look, if we want the 327th back like the OLD 327th we would need the things we lost, and maybe some more to attract even MORE players into the 327th, and yes we are up for that responsibility, so please give it some thought before you -/+ support, thank you -327th Battalion, in other words the 327th need some... S P I C E Job: 327th Jet Trooper Model Path: models/reizer_cgi_p2/327_jet/327_jet.mdl Weapon Kit: tfa_kotor_repeaten_1, Climb Swep, Salute, tfa_swch_dc17, and the ability to purchase Jet pack on the shop Health: 150 (Referred to Spades) Armor: 50 Job Name: K-company Model: 327th K-Company Heavy Clone Trooper , (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124696536) invaliff will isolate this if suggestion is accepted. Health: 150 Armor: 50 Weapons: clone minigun, republic sniper, republic shotgun, dc-17 and dc-15a (I will find the in-game names later) Job Name: 327th K-Comp Hazmat Trooper Model: (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=705418843) Invaliff, once more will isolate the toxins trooper Health: 200 Armor 175 (sustain the toxins longer than a normal trooper) Weapons: tfa_sw_repshot (republic shotgun) tfa_kotor_repeaten_1 (repeating blaster t1) alydus_fortificationbuildertablet (building tablet for containing the chemical weapons) tfa_kotor_hvybp_3 (heavy pistol T3) Desc: If any virus outbreaks would happen such as T-Virus, Hazmat would come in and remove of it all, this would also bring diversity into the battalion and not have 8 people on pilot/medic's only Job Name: 327th Pilot Changes wanted: Given the repair tool for airplanes. (repair_tool_evan) Job Name: 327th CMDR Bly Changes wanted: Given the chain gun (chaingun_servius) HP set to 500 instead of 400. PLEASE PUT YOUR OPINION FOR ALL TOPICS BELOW
  8. 187th and 327th reunion :))
  9. -support on rancor I already have a ongoing suggestion for it and I believe we could use the Spades one much more
  10. What do you want to see? - Rancor ARF be given RPG's Why should we add it? - The Rancor ARF is supposed to be an elite battalion that is given tasks that many other battalions aren't sent to do, but 41st EC ARF are given Rocket Launchers and when we have invasions 41st EC aren't at the places the Rancor ARF is at, and entirely we would be able to clear out crowds of CIS Droids What are the advantages of having this? - We would be able to clear out more droids with just a single rocket and would be more convenient than the standardized blasters that we are given Who is it mainly for? - Rancor ARF Links to any content - N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you want to see? - Rancor ARF be a sniper, preferably the Republic Disruptor Why should we add it? - Just recently the Stealth Battalion were given a huge update, they were given Republic Disruptors which are quite a hefty sniper, and due to the fact that we are ARF troopers aka Advanced Recon Force Trooper and if we were to provide reconnaissance we should be able to take out our foes with a click and not expose our position by just shooting a semi-efficient shot like the damage a Republic Sniper would get What are the advantages of having this? - The Republic Disruptor provides more effectiveness while the normal Republic Sniper only provides a small hit and I believe if Rancor ARF are to be supplied with the Republic Disruptor, we would execute the enemy with haste and effectiveness. Who is it mainly for? - Rancor ARF Links to any content - N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you want to see? - Rancor ARF Model Changed to the original one models/player/harcspade/cgi_harcspade.mdl Why should we add it? - The old Rancor Model looked more formal and elite, while the current one looks like a CT ARF model just with a few red stripes What are the advantages of having this? - The Rancor ARF look more Elite and/or Cooler Who is it mainly for? - Rancor ARF Links to any content - N/A
  11. +Support Yeah I agree, we could use more diversity due to the fact a lot of players are either on 501st, 212th or on 5th Fleet