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  1. -support on rancor I already have a ongoing suggestion for it and I believe we could use the Spades one much more
  2. What do you want to see? - Rancor ARF be given RPG's Why should we add it? - The Rancor ARF is supposed to be an elite battalion that is given tasks that many other battalions aren't sent to do, but 41st EC ARF are given Rocket Launchers and when we have invasions 41st EC aren't at the places the Rancor ARF is at, and entirely we would be able to clear out crowds of CIS Droids What are the advantages of having this? - We would be able to clear out more droids with just a single rocket and would be more convenient than the standardized blasters that we are given Who is it mainly for? - Rancor ARF Links to any content - N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you want to see? - Rancor ARF be a sniper, preferably the Republic Disruptor Why should we add it? - Just recently the Stealth Battalion were given a huge update, they were given Republic Disruptors which are quite a hefty sniper, and due to the fact that we are ARF troopers aka Advanced Recon Force Trooper and if we were to provide reconnaissance we should be able to take out our foes with a click and not expose our position by just shooting a semi-efficient shot like the damage a Republic Sniper would get What are the advantages of having this? - The Republic Disruptor provides more effectiveness while the normal Republic Sniper only provides a small hit and I believe if Rancor ARF are to be supplied with the Republic Disruptor, we would execute the enemy with haste and effectiveness. Who is it mainly for? - Rancor ARF Links to any content - N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you want to see? - Rancor ARF Model Changed to the original one models/player/harcspade/cgi_harcspade.mdl Why should we add it? - The old Rancor Model looked more formal and elite, while the current one looks like a CT ARF model just with a few red stripes What are the advantages of having this? - The Rancor ARF look more Elite and/or Cooler Who is it mainly for? - Rancor ARF Links to any content - N/A
  3. +Support Yeah I agree, we could use more diversity due to the fact a lot of players are either on 501st, 212th or on 5th Fleet
  4. What do you want to see? - 327th Why should we add it? - In the olden days when 327th was still around, everything was good and nice, the entire 327th was not only a battalion but it was a family, the battalion that I myself was in partook in activities outside of the server and often joked around and spent hours enjoying each others company and shared laughs. Now ever since the removal of the 327th, almost every member of it has left, only some members still come from time to time but mostly Nothing. the 327th would usually average in 12-18 players and ever since we were transferred to the 104th, we barely have even a smidge of players. Yes, the 104th is more Lore Friendly but the happiness of the community should always come first, what good is the lore and serious rp when a % of the community is unhappy, please, I understand the past suggestions for the 327th were looked down at and frowned upon due to the lack of seriousness and formalness in those suggestions What are the advantages of having this? - A lot of the former members of the 327th will return therefore increasing the player count once again Who is it mainly for? - The Server & Ex-327th Members Links to any content -
  5. Indeed, the day the 327th was removed all of the 327th were heartbroken, lost and worst of all, turned to the 104th our enemy, #bringback327th please
  6. What do you want to see? - Each of the classes that have the Republic Rocket Launcher to be able to purchase Rocket ammo in the F4 Menu Why should we add it? - A lot of the times when a player that isn't a GM won't be able to spawn themselves ammo for their rocket and I feel like its not very efficient because most of the times if a person would want rocket ammo they would need to bug a GM for it and it isn't convenient for the GM. What are the advantages of having this? - GM's aren't being asked to spawn ammo in for a player over and over it again Who is it mainly for? -Any class that has the Launcher Links to any content - N/A
  7. I do not understand why you keep telling lies, I have one of your opponents even witness you kill all of those CR's and you weren't even dueling with each other to begin with. I can bring Gray Jedi Kowan Derak Jahuni to speak on what he saw, at first it was a normal case of MRDM, The murder of 3+ CR's and it was over with, but even after the warn you steady on your task of trying to get the warn removed, and went as far to even threaten me, on top of that, I even have evidence of you threatening me.
  8. -Support I teleported you in peacefully and from the current mood you were in, I had no intentions to let you in and create chaos, yes they were CR's that are AFK but still, that shouldn't have given you a green light to just RDM. Aswell, I was the only active Staff Member on and I have more people to deal with than you, I had good intentions to bring you to the CR so you sit still and not run around and yelling, CT PVT Kettle was trying to be whitelisted (Whitelist and Logs were currently being worked on at the moment)and I wasn't aware so I tried again and in the end I just left it later and after that I went to you and you began killing CR's, on top of that I warned you guys numerous times, Kettle, YayDay, Jake, and Chris that it was over due to the fact more people were no longer AFK and still you killed them, and later on you even went as far as trying to get me to remove the warn and threatening me to make a staff report if I didn't remove your warn. And also, you didn't kill them by "accident" you killed them and your reasoning to killing them were "its alright they're afk"
  9. Get on you big bozo

  10. +Support Look, you're a good trooper and a really friendly guy, always greeted me when we saw each other, but as you say you were the only NCO capable of leading due to your rank, and since I am a higher rank than you, I wasn't able to see that so I do apologize. During tryouts, you would often give the newcomers an easy going tryout and not edge them to their limits and observe their capabilities. But nonetheless, from what I've noticed he is capable of becoming Wolffe but will need guidance from his past higher-ups. [To Kofax] Best of luck my friend.
  11. Its been a pleasure, although we never spoke much and it was only minor greetings, you are still one hell of a commander. You made the CT's a battalion that isn't seen as a bunch of minges but instead, a serious elite force, Thank you. also DENIED re-apply in two years