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  1. Name: drank Rank: SNR reasearcher and SGM Reason for not attending (put private if private): i cam probaly make it but something might pop up any concerns within CI: the recent uproar of minges
  2. ~!WARNING!~ BETA Clearance Needed To View Beyond This Point (SGT+) ~!WARNING!~ Loading... >Opening File #2 173 test #1 Name: RnD SNR Researcher drank Research test: 049 Hive Mind Hypothesis: 049 Can control his "cured" subjects subjects involved: myself 049 R&D researcher mcline and a CI RCT Test summary : (start test) BT secured 049 for testing they took him to the lab AKA " the kill house" (*note* did they name this after the 176 incident i swear that wasn't me ) we were running low on class d subjects so a Recruit "decided" to "volunteer" to be the subject we gave 049 the RCT and asked if he could "cure" him. 049 decided to comply for once and cure him i must admit it was gruesome and brutal even in this line of work we then proceeded to ask if he could control the SCP-049-2 he then proceeded to say yes and wave his hand at the 049-02 were the "zombie" proceded to well uhm dab? I know the weird thing teens are doing after that we terminated 049-2 and left 049 himself in his cell (end test) extra notes: why did it dab 049 has been locked up in there for years it shouldnt know how to do this
  3. ~!WARNING!~ BETA Clearance Needed To View Beyond This Point (SGT+) ~!WARNING!~ Loading... >Opening File #2 173 test #1 Name: RnD drank Research test: 066 dietary properties Hypothesis: does 066 enjoy the taste of the famous yellow fruit bananas subjects involved: myself 066 and all of CI to watch me perform this test Test summary : (start test) BT leaded by LCPL Theman (note: he deserves a promo) captured 066 on a raid dedicated just to grab 066 for my test when they returned we went to my lab nicknamed "the kill house" everyone gathered round in a circle to see this test performed I gave 066 a banana and said sing if you like it and say Erik if you don't scp-066 went on to sing a very cheerful song and I don't believe this is mere coincidence but turns out he did indeed enjoy the banana because when I fed him a second one he sang again. (end test) extra notes: due to his understanding the instructions given I also believe he can understand standard American English rather well
  4. ~!WARNING!~ BETA Clearance Needed To View Beyond This Point (SGT+) ~!WARNING!~ Loading... >Opening File #3 "camo suit" Name: RnD researcher Dr drank RO1 Research test: Nano light reflective devise " camo suit" Hypothesis: I believed we could harvest the rapid healing skin of 966 subjects involved: researchers- drank guards-frog SCP or other entities- scp 966-1 and 966-1 project description- a Camo suit that harnesses the skin of 966 to make you turn somewhat invisible much like 966 yourself can only be seen while moving if you still you are completely hidden from view. hazards- gathering the skin is very dangerous I had to pump about 75cc of ketamine to get it to fall asleep and once I built the prototype due to it reflecting light the suit gets very cold it ranges from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. ~!WARNING!~ BETA Clearance Needed To View Beyond This Point (SGT+) ~!WARNING!~ Loading... >Opening File #2 173 test #1 Name: RnD drank Research test: 173 movement Hypothesis: I wanted to see what form of movement type 173 uses subjects involved: myself 173 and PVT (redacted) Test summary : i set up a high-speed camera about 1mill frames a second I ordered me and my men to turn around for about 5 seconds when we turned back around 173 had moved I had taken the camera and checked the footage and well it doesn't teleport as we all thought instead it moves fast like super fast maybe light speed ill have to do the calculations (end test)
  6. Name: drank Rank: MAJ Callsign: MA05 Activity(active, semi-active, inactive...): semi active (just got a admin job on a server so ive been doing that)
  7. I just didn’t see a SOP so I just assumed
  8. dam if i wasnt a CPL in CT and a SPC in 212th i would smash that 104th vice app
  9. i like the idea but the doors are 7 inches thick so
  10. i train a lot of recruits so it would be nice if i could assign men there callsigns and add em to the roster thanks - drank
  11. nah i was dennied i love reasearch its just you know 2 life rule plus uh *cough cough* maynard
  12. maynards keycards arnt i high enogh rank so you cant get throu any doors
  13. i relize this mow and this is embarasing
  14. Lit I thought I wa apply for director so but disagard this app
  15. I would but I was kicked of pd twice at 1 point I was lcpl tho