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  1. -ACCEPTED- I suppose you'll do - Commander Colt
  2. DENIED Rancor does not need a bxo at this moment, you just got ARCL for the 212th, stay in that leadership position for a little and I'm sure you'll turn out to be a great commander one day.
  3. Pacer

    Zeko's Hammer app

    DENIED And heres my reasoning, Rancor doesn't need a bxo at the moment and I firmly believe the 41st needs good officers such as yourself. Please take no offense to this, I need you in the 41st.
  4. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Rancor ARF COL Pacer 3547 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? My running time on this server has been about six to seven months, for five of these months I have been dedicated to Rancor. I have seen the battalion fall and rise, now I see that it is in trouble again. I have been the only Rancor trooper/Rancor Commander on before and forced to rebuild from the ground up. I'm being told the battalion is in trouble and I can and will do whatever it takes to make sure this battalion doesn't go down again. I want to help make this battalion even better than before. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? For Rancor the main purpose of a commander (Havoc) is to be the right hand man of the main commander (Colt), to maintain order and discipline within the ranks of Rancor and Regimental ARC. 7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : As mentioned earlier I have a six to seven month running time with five months as Rancor. I was Commander Blitz and then promoted to Commander Colt, then later promoted to Marshal Commander (hand picked by high command to be the Senior Commander) I managed Rancor and ARC through dark times as Commander Blitz and Marshal Commander Colt and I would gladly do it again for my battalion. I have helped write and written SOPs for this battalion, I have given troopers and commanders alike my advise on situation they believed they could not handle. There is nothing more that I want than battalions and players to flourish. I have been on for a long while and have developed a strong reputation among enlisted, officers and others in the low/high command structure. I am confident my experience will be valuable to Rancor and the community once again. 8. How often can you be Online? : Often (I've been deathly sick recently but i'm shaking it off) 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : none
  5. SteamID: 76561198125828712 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Marshal Commander Why do you want to be a general?: I’ve seen first hand battalions and BGs alike fall from grace. I saw Rancor/ARC fall like this, and so I stepped in as Commander Blitz (I was the only Commander out of two or three on the server at this time) and with the help of some faithful troopers, that i can gladly call friends, I built up the battalion from basically nothing. Long story short I don’t want that to happen to other battalions, I want to help other players and the server flourish. I’ve written and helped write SOPs for Rancor/ARC and I’ve given other troopers and commanders advise. My main goal as a user on the server is to help everyone in anyway that i possibly can. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: As mentioned I built up a battalion from almost nothing, I have been Commander Colt for about 3 - 4 months. I have seen drama, down times for the server, and I’ve seen good people come and go. Despite these emotional situations I stuck it through and I made my way to Marshal Commander. Most of the time the low command drama doesn’t phase me, I am able to competently lead troopers, I respect chain of command and people along with their positions. How often can you be online?: Very often How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: I currently hold no warnings
  6. -support I don't believe taking away from a battalion to keep another unique, also simply transferring one speciality to another is a change of the persons skillset. I think that to keep the uniqueness of the 212th then ask them to add the Airborne Troopers.
  7. I believe it would be an excellent addition into ARC and the server. It'll give ARC and regular troopers something to strive for, to be the actual best of the best. +SUPPORT
  8. -ACCEPTED- You are on a trial period, make us proud
  9. -ACCEPTED- Hvaoc, Plague and I feel you should be in a higher position, but you will be in the position of BXO Hammer
  10. ++++++SUPPORT I don't see why anyone wouldn't sant this amazing fruitsnack vendor to be their BCO Great leader, can rebuild a battalion from basically scratch, much respect on the server
  11. -ACCEPTED- You were an amazing commander before you became a BG for 10 minutes, you are welcome back friend.
  12. ACCEPTED You are a great trooper and a great vice commander and I believe you can excell ss our Havoc
  13. Pacer


    +support I can agree with the fact that ARC and Rancor will be harder to get into and can be more trustworthy with this weapon ARC would be able to imply a new variety of tactics regarding flane troopers
  14. ACCEPTED I, Rancor ARC Commander Colt, hereby accept your application as Rancor BXO Congratulations