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  1. -ACCEPTED- You are on a trial period, make us proud
  2. -Commander Colt/Pacer
  3. -ACCEPTED- Hvaoc, Plague and I feel you should be in a higher position, but you will be in the position of BXO Hammer
  4. ++++++SUPPORT I don't see why anyone wouldn't sant this amazing fruitsnack vendor to be their BCO Great leader, can rebuild a battalion from basically scratch, much respect on the server
  5. -ACCEPTED- You were an amazing commander before you became a BG for 10 minutes, you are welcome back friend.
  6. ACCEPTED You are a great trooper and a great vice commander and I believe you can excell ss our Havoc
  7. Pacer


    +support I can agree with the fact that ARC and Rancor will be harder to get into and can be more trustworthy with this weapon ARC would be able to imply a new variety of tactics regarding flane troopers
  8. ACCEPTED I, Rancor ARC Commander Colt, hereby accept your application as Rancor BXO Congratulations
  9. +support Solid tooper Follows orders Recommended by Rancor commander -Rancor ARC Commander Colt
  10. Name: Pacer Rank: BCO/Maj Date Joined (Roughly): August 22, 2018 In-Game Name: Rancor ARC Commander Blitz & 41st EC Maj Pacer
  11. I personally -support I like you I do, but I like you as a BXO Speaking of you haven't been BXO for all that long, be a BXO and find your bearings then you can look higher. -Rancor BCO Blitz/Maj Pacer
  12. -ACCEPTED- I do in fact accept you
  13. +support Thinking ahead or when needed thinking on his feet Gets along with basically everyone An all around good man
  14. +support +Respectful +listens to orders +very dependable trooper +one of the best troopers I command
  15. + Support Great Leader Past Experience of being a CO Willingness to help