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  1. DIdn't know that I couldn't reply to my own application. Also, thank you for the feedback, I will take this into consideration the next time.
  2. there is no longer an application, contact your commander for the position.
  3. -support You just became 2lt. You should probably get some experience.
  4. DANGIT nearly made it in time
  5. I have fixed it! ------- Any messages beyond this point was past the edit--------
  6. oh hecc I screwed up again guess i gotta wait a week or so one moment, I'll edit it so it's correct
  7. Take a look at the 5th fleet channel If I got it wrong, I'll gladly change it.
  8. I am ready to serve as the vice commander and make my battalion proud. Thank you for reading this (Posted this in the wrong spot) 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 5th Fleet 2LT Diffffty 8672 2. Why do you want to be Vice Commander of this branch?: Because I love this battalion, this battalion is a great battalion sadly, the Vice commander was inactive and then left. I wish better for this battalion, and I hope for this battalion to be better than it already is. 3. What is the Main Purpose of Vice commander for a branch?: To assist the commander in commanding the battalion. They do whatever a commander does but maybe do a bit less. Such as, hold tryouts, command troops, assist in document making, making sure the roster is up to date, to read any abuse of power reports, etc. As a vice commander they should be a great assistant to the commander, and to make their battalion proud. As a vice commander, you have a lot of responsibilities, I could handle the number of responsibilities required to become a vice commander, as I am a great juggler. The vice commander, is the backbone of the battalion, if they don't have one, the battalion could suffer, especially the commander. 4. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : Because I love this server, if I lost my position, I would be Devastated. 5. How often can you be Online? : Very often 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : None, because I've been a good boy.
  9. +/- Support More effort is recommended, it seems rushed but won't give it a negative.
  10. I am on the server during the night, I'm currently on right now, I've been on for a while. Maybe we don't get on at the same time. Not sure.
  11. What is your IGN?: 5th Fleet 2LT Driffty 8672 What rank are you currently in your other life? (MUST BE A 2LT+): 2LT. Why should we allow you to be a crew member? (At least 100 words): I have a lot of experience as naval. I personally enjoy being Naval. Naval I believe is the branch for me I can do serious RP I also can do logistics. The naval is by far a great division, I love great divisions, I also like to join them. Plus I can be a great naval, I have experience in engineering, keeping track of things, and I'm also a good leader. When I'm naval I wish to bring in great things for naval, like making it better than it already is, and being a great member of the naval. If I do get accepted, I will be a great naval, and make this republic proud. What is the main purpose of the Venator Crew? (Short answer please): The Venator Crew keep track of things, command troopers, and make sure the base is running rhythmically. Do you have any strikes? (Be specific): None. How many warnings do you have?: None. Are you willing to dedicate most of your time on SWRP toward the Venator Crew?: Yes. How much play time do you have on the server (Use tab menu)?: 2 Days.