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  1. Alright as we all know FearRP is active on PRP but I had a quick question. If I am under FearRP am I allowed to hit my panic button. I came here because I heard varied answers on the server. In my opinion it should be allowed because my interpretation of FearRP is not doing anything that will lead to you being shot and since the criminals will not know you hit your panic until it is it too late. Also since we have to value our lives then we would be trying to think of a way to get a message to someone to get help. Just wondering cause I don't want to get warned lol.
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    Shakespere insults in 2018 FTW!
  3. Hi GamingLight Community! My name is Spade and I am returning to the community. I will be playing a lot on Star Wars CW RP as a 501st. I played on Gaminglight about a year or two ago on Military and SWRP. I was CG / 91st Ace on SWRP and nothing important on Military. I can't wait to meet you all!