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  1. Ersem


    I am more interested in the fact that you are a prosecutor in real life, as that is what I am actually going to college for, do you mind PMing some details and tips on how you got a job as a prosecutor and what I should be doing now to start making sure that I myself will be capable of securing a job in the future? Thanks!
  2. Huge Super Big Major +Support on this I am so freaking tired of love tapping little fire hydrants and taking 5 damage when I just left the hospital to restore all my health. I understand where they wanted to go with this, but it is not working AT ALL.
  3. Unrelated, what website did you use for that?
  4. Ouch, -support from me as well.
  5. Ersem


    Honestly if this does not get added at this point, then I fail to see the need for + and - supports. It is clear that the people want this added and unless it gets an excellent reason as to why it is not, then Lolwut.
  6. -support Less then 30 words in why you want to be EMS.
  7. Ersem


    +support/-support It is not that I do not like the idea of this, what with more roleplay and all, it is just the fact that the server is suppose to be a "semi-serious" rp server, and adding this would lean it more to the "serious" side. And I'm going to have to disagree with Kade about making this optional, as I feel the majority of the people will opt into skipping this part because this is more RP for the doctor then it really is for you. An example I would like to use is a game in Byond called Space Station 13. I would play a game mode called "Space Marines VS Aliens" which was also very RP heavy and would let you choose the job you wanted before the round started. I myself always choose doctor because I liked doing surgeries and such. But where I'm going with this is that I realized that the only RP the other person ever even gets out of this is "AHHHHH PAIN AHHH PAIN" and "Gee thanks Doc!". Again, I'm not against the RP of it as this would probably make me want to apply for EMS, but do not be surprised if a lot of people opt to skip the whole ER RP and all that.
  8. To claim this I would believe you yourself also need evidence, so I -support your -support... If that makes sense.
  9. Ersem

    Revive Rule Suggestion

    -Support because this is just wishful thinking. *Expecting there to be an investigation besides whoop whoop jail *Expecting the criminal to just allow this to happen Not that it does not make sense because in reality it does, but let us face it, cops are not going to investigate and/or interrogate because they rather just throw the guy in jail so they can speed off to the next hot and spicy shootout/robbery. That, and the criminal spawns back up with his gun so you can already see where that leads too... Again not that this is unrealistic but I just do not see it playing out the way you explained it to.
  10. Just going to say it again, we didn't tell those hobos to come charging into the bank, and we didn't even know them. Please stop implying that we did.