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  1. Name: Jedi Knight Serenity Master: Ki-Adi-Mundi Rank: Knight/Temple Guard
  2. MEGA +SUPPORT Believe me when I say this, Koda is probably one of the most friendliest people I've ever met in-game. He knows a good amount of lore and helps however he can. As well as that, his app is good; but the event part is kinda meh. Maybe tone down on the event characters a little bit because having General Grievous and his own personal squad of droids all for one event seems kinda like something you'd see in a mega event. By that, I mean just keep it to one event job (Grievous or Droids, pick your poison). Overall, he's just a cool guy that I think would be a great fit the GM team. (Good luck!)
  3. +support Decent app (Could be better with time) Responsible Good leader Friendly (Good luck!)
  4. I like you reapo but improve the app
  5. +support Could be good for firepower in the front lines considering 38th gets next to no weapons to use Can increase RP It might be too big (ridley wya?) I have yet to test this but I might test it later but just incase I'll +support and maybe change when I test it
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    Hey, the 74th was removed a long time ago. How about we remove the forums section for it since it is no longer in use? -Dankey
  7. +support China basically summed up what I was going to say with different wording
  8. In Game Name: Jedi Knight Zealot Time as Knight: About 1 week, maybe a bit less Why do you want to become this rank?: As of right now, I've been primarily playing jedi exclusively because I find it fun. I want to become a jedi master to improve upon my skills and assist others as well; as well as help out in events as best as I can. I have plenty of experience dueling both Jedi and Sith, and know what to do in alot of situations. But most importantly, I feel like if I become a master, I can improve my skill as a leader overall and (maybe) get assigned to a battalion. Why do you deserve this rank?: I deserve this rank purely because of my activity. Over the past 1-2 weeks I've been Jedi, I had nearly no gametime on any of my other lives. Whether it be ARC 501st, VC, or a donation job in general, Jedi has been my most favored job mostly because I find it to be enjoyable when I'm not getting assaulted by a jetpack droid with detonators. And unlike most other fellow Jedi Knights, I know how to train people really well (EX. getting my padawan to the knight phase as fast as possible by doing daily training and adding ticks to their name) as well as how to duel properly. Hopefully though, I can be accepted for jedi master and help other jedi pass through the ranks and not die within the first 5 seconds of dueling Koda or Duv. Will you dedicate most of your time as a Master?: Yes, I already play Jedi alot anyway. Do you understand that becoming a Master will use a life?: Yep, and I'll use up my 501st life in exchange. (btw Omega love you bb for bringing me through the padawan phase and recommending me for master <3)
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    oh look its me in the chat
  10. +support Active Chill Friendly gets rekt by koda and duv as temple guards (btw leave aviation in VC it sucks)
  11. i was still around but only got to padawan xd
  12. Name: Behemoth Rank: CPT Aproximent date of promotion: 2 days ago How active can you be: Around 1-6 hours a day Any side note(s)?: whoopie i got EM