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  1. I was at my brothers Grad Party and didn't get back until 8:18pm i was wondering if i could be excused?
  2. Bize

    Noah’s LOA

    Sorry I’ve been LOA for the past 2 meetings and gonna be for this one too. Sadly I’m just not in the right state of mind and need to work on improving myself I’ll be back ASAP. This is my Short LOA.
  3. Name: Noah Jimes Rank: SA Status on Roster(Active, Semi-Active): Active Why do you want to stay in the department: Because I've been here for the past 4 Directors and usually the only SS on willing to protect the president. (Most times) Ryan helps a lot. Any changes you want?: Lets try to get more ACTIVE people on SS and command be more involved.
  4. Bize


    Welcome back!!! Hope you enjoy the new things added in the server!!!!!! My ingame name and teamspeak name and real name is Noah Jimes! if you see me be sure to say what's up!
  5. Steam Name: Golden Crew Ingame Name: Noah Jimes SteamID: STEAM_0:0:108461043 Ban Length: 3 Weeks Admin that Banned you: SWAT MSGT Freeze Reason for Ban: Spoiling End Game the movie when i didn't say anything about what happened in the movie and i haven't seen it yet. I'm seeing it Saturday and that is when it comes out in my Movie Theater... Dispute: I am not like pissed i mean you could've kicked me even though i didn't spoil anything. Honestly i thought it was funny until i lost 1.5 mil from in-game items but i can always buy that back. Just sucks i have to wait now to play a game because someone got their feelings hurt... you know?
  6. Bize

    Meeting LOA

    Family Night at my Aunts house I’ll be on Sunday!
  7. Bize

    Meeting LOA

    Family Night at my Aunts house I’ll be ok Sunday!
  8. Name: Noah Jimes Rank: Senior Special Officer Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department: Secret Service hasn't just become a department to me it has become more like family. meeting new people everyday training with old friends and learning new things everyday is what strives and keeps me self-motivated to dedicate my time to this department. Upholding my duties as protecting the executive branch. Any changes you want in the Secret Service: For command to be more reasonable. (Y'all are doing great just take time listening to other SS and gather more feedback and additional information from lower SS.)
  9. Bize

    Noah’s LOA

    Lol me too ? i think i know whats wrong with it but i took it to Fry's and they just gonna try to fix it.
  10. Bize

    Noah’s LOA

    My computer legit fried. My parts should be in soon! Sorry I’ve missed out but I’ll be back on my top game when I get back (LOA)
  11. Bize

    Gang Unit!

    Oh thanks for the background info! It's good to see from other peoples point of view!!!!! But just like Aaron said it would be cool to see a sub division! what are some pros and cons that would come along with that tho? I mean they would have to follow an SOP and they couldn't move in without Tac Teams say. Which is already in the FBI SOP.
  12. Bize

    Gang Unit!

    I think a Gang Unit would be cool to see. Gang Unit would deal with Gangs like UMC and Kings. I think this department would be good either in State Police or FBI. Fame gave me the idea by creating the Terrorist task unit or whatever but i think this would be a plus with all the upcoming custom classes with Negev's. But please comment what the pros and cons are and some more ideas to add onto this! Something like the DEA. But we don't need another department because y'all already took out NSA. Also comment things that would look cool with Gang Unit I think a custom player model like ( ) would be cool. - Noah Jimes