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  1. great leader and that he is acrive
  2. ? only blacklisted to the 38th multiple?
  3. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : GMO 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to be the commander of this branch because I want to show that I have the ability to show that I can command a battalion and show that the Stealth Ops isn't a waste of a battalion and make them grow so the Stealth can help in the battlefield so that there is more opportunity to help other battalions in battle. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The Purpose of this branch of a commander is to command the troops so that when the other battalions can't get past enemy forces that we as the stealth can easily infiltrate enemy forces to know what they are doing so that we know how to attack and how to defeat the cis and other enemy forces. 7. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : The reason why u should trust me that can command a battalion because that I have learned that when I am I the right mindset that I could d great things and that this battalion will be great because of the things and how long I have been on the server that I can do a lot for this battalion. that I am a person who will respect anyone and their orders and I know what I did in the past and I am sorry for anyone that I offended or mistreated but I am sry for what I did to anger you. And through this position that I might get that I will show the reality of me not the minge part of me, I will show the real GMO. 8. How often can you be Online? : I am online 24/7 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) 1. Baton abuse ( 2 weeks old) 2. RDM/LTAP ( about 1-year-old) 3. Fail RP ( 2 weeks and 2 days) 4. Battalion diss/ minge adverts ( 3 weeks and 1 day) 5. RDM *2/ running from sit*2 ( about 1 month and 29 days)
  4. Please only apply if you are SSGT+ or an assigned padawan. 1: What's your in game name and rank? got pk'd from Tobias to GMO Rank SSGT 2: How much time have you spent on the server (look at the tab menu)? 4weeks 3: Do you have any warns? If so, state them. (do !warns) 5 4: Why should we trust you to join Venator Crew? i should join venator crew because that i could make more rp or them and that i would be able to do more thing for the ship and help around if any clones need anything that i will be helpful to them nd to everyone on the server. 5: What is the main purpose of Venator Crew? to control the ship 6: Do you agree to be active on your Venator Crew life? i agree to be ative on venator crew because i a on every single day so i will be on venator crew most of thw time.
  5. In-Game name: Jedi Youngling S CrayZ Who gave you your 4th strike?: Mace Windu Reason for Rank-lock (4th strike): Battalion Diss Minging in adverts Why do you think we should give you another chance?: that I think that if u wanted to give me another chance because that I have learned from my actions and that I know that I will lose my temper because some one did something or what someone said to me that I have got advice from yoda by saying that if I am ad or pissed off that I will leave the game and take a break for a little then ge6t back on s0o that I will not get pissed off then start getting striked and maybe perma banned from the server. that I think that I value a lot to the jedi because I know how the system works and a lot of people trust me as a jedi some battalions but that I have learned from my mistakes and that I will hold that to me at all times when I do this again and that I will respect any and everyone that is on thins server and I will show that by doing what I am supposed do and told to do.(ps yoda I have tried that leave the server until I am not angry any more and that helps a lot thx). How long have you been Rank-locked? about an 2 hours because yoda just put this system up and he toled me before it was done.
  6. TobiPlayzYT

    Clone LT

    I want to become a LT but I changed my ways that is why i'm applying
  7. TobiPlayzYT

    Clone LT

    that is ture adam about minging I will admith that
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    Clone LT

    Name: CT SGT CrayZ 8748 Rank: SGT Why Do You Want This Rank: I want this rank because that I want the help the CT's so that we are well known and that we are the best battalion that we can be and to help other battalions that need troopers that we are right there to assists nd help and we can take orders to insure that we contribute to the republic and help this venator to protect it. Why Do You Deserve This Rank: I think that I deserve this rank because that I have given my helpings to the ct's and that I want to help the ct's even more when I get the rank of clone LT so that when ct's need help that they can count on me to make sure that they got and helping hand all the time right beside them. How Many Warns Do You Have: 4 warns none active warns Will You Be Willing To Give PT When Needed: I will give pt when needed because of the situation it depends because that ifthey aren't following orders and they don't show the respect to the other HC that they will get pt because of the embarrassment that they to the ct's and that they will learn there lesson about not following orders when told to and doing other things that don't represent the ct's.
  9. -support for pilots this would basically allow 38th to do everything and we need to limit it lmao, ya'll asking for too much now. - support
  10. TobiPlayzYT


    Steam name: CrayZGamerYT InGame Name: Jedi Padawan S Tobias Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:190474408 Ban Length: 1 week Admin Banned You: Grand Admiral Science Reason For Ban: think about you're actions before doing it /racism/Approving Hitler's ideas Dispute: that I did something that I wasn't thinking about my actions I did changed my name to ( Hitler Wasn't Wrong). I know that I wasn't supposed to do it and I really want to join the server because really that this is actually the only game I play and I really love the community that gaminglight has to offer to all of us that I really enjoy playing with people that are across the world that I could meet new people. Back to the problem that I really don't think that Hitler wasn't wrong that I wasn't thinking before my actions and I get that the server is really serious and that I was just playing around did mean to hurt no one and that I promise that I won't be racist again on thins server. Thanks for letting me for letting me do this and I will see you guys next time on the server when I get on.