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  1. Name: Clint Eastwood Rank: Captain How active are you?: Extremely Why should you stay in EMS: Im extremely active and on almost everyday, my primary dept is EMS so I will always be there when needed
  2. How is this an idiotic excuse? I used it for 3 minutes to transport the President from SS base to mexi grill?
  3. I do it was just that one time i used it Describe why it is clear? And i never once said i didnt care... Would love to see some proof if i did?
  4. ? I understand, I thought their could be exception's for a certain circumstances hence me using the bank truck. And I apologize for making that thought thus me buying the vehicle to make up for it.
  5. Name: Clint Eastwood Custom Class: Utah Highway Patrol SteamID: STEAM_0:1:10617202 Server: PoliceRP What are you buying?: Im buying the R7000 Bank Truck for $50< (Im guessing this is the price for this vehicle?)
  6. So the resolution to this problem would just to pay for the vehicle... Making a CC purchase of the Armored vehicle @Calamity
  7. First, i will admit to using the black armored truck. Why was i using it? Because i was transporting the President as there was no SS on. Second, i never said "i dont care" and you dont have proof of me saying that. <<< As you can see in this photo there is No SS on (In the back of calamity's screenshot you can see the barricade i put up around SS as i was helping the President. )
  8. Name: Clint Eastwood Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:106172029 Custom Class: Utah Highway Patrol (Goverment) Server: PoliceRP Problem: My GOV CC doesn't have Spike Strips, Shield, Ticketing book... I didn't know if these were payed extras or if they where supposed to be included in my goverment CC?
  9. Im sorry.. All I want is my CC bro, ive literally been waiting for a month now. I don't understand why it cant just be accepted.
  10. Original Payment for CC Payment for GOVERMENT job Payment for VECHICLE SKIN No additional funds needed since car skin and playermodel under 1 MB I've waited my 2 week delay due to payment failure, its now 4 days past the delay time August 19th, Date of 2 week delay September 6th, 18 days later from initial delay date
  11. My 2 week delay is up, everything is paid for. Posted August 19 Also, the car addition was never paid for as well. Delayed 2 weeks due to failure to pay additions. Its now September 6, 18 days later
  12. Hey Zeeptin I just donated the additional funds! So sorry I forgot
  13. I understand now... But still, there is almost no EU high command and if there was it would make it difficult for the NA players to get in touch with them... An example would be EMS on PoliceRP… We have an EU Chief (sorry alex :3) that never makes it to meetings because its 4am where he is whilst its 1-4pm here in the states..