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    Old warns

    AdminName - False Warn Report Questions Your In-game: Bush (Subject to change) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177764132 The admin's name in-game: Fame The admin's steam name (If you know it):N/A What warning did you receive: Shooting a dead body Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://gyazo.com/9567a6ce3f2cc07eb342ae60ec077ded And all of these warns if possible https://gyazo.com/cd767ff972fba9dd4bc1aff0f8b817d0 Why do you think this warn was false: OLD WARN Any extra information: These are all old warns. I want to start off on PRP as a new plate. With minimal warns. Thats why i was gone for a month or two
  2. Name: Bush SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177764132 Current rank: SM How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) :4 Months Rank Wanted: LT How many warns do you have?:29 (All but 3 are from almost 6-9 months ago when I first joined the server)(Please make an exception I am not a minge and I want to help in PD command)(All my warns are from crim) Do you have a Working mic? Yes Why should you be promoted? :Why should you be promoted? : I believe I should be promoted because over the past 4 months as being a SM I have learned a lot. I have learned new skills when it comes to training cadets, being a supervisor, dealing with situations with unruly OFC's and SNR's, and even helping out with issue that command members are working on. I am sad to see that many OFC's are beginning to minge, leave PD, or just quit the server because they never got promoted because there are few command members on to due so. I am very active and wish to change this sad reality. From a stand-point of someone who trains at least 3-6 cadets a day, it is sad to see hard work and good OFC's leaving because they never get promoted. I understand how PD works. I have been in PD for almost a year now and I know my way around the reigns, and though training cadets has been fun I believe it is time to move on and move to greater advancements in my career in PD. I am very active. I am on almost 5 hours a day if not more. Spending almost all that time on PD. I am a very respectful person and know how to keep my cool in stressful situations. For example yesterday I encountered an OFC (That I trained 2 days earlier) rdming people on the streets. Without raising my voice I kindly ran up to him and asked him to stop. After he had killed me I called a sit and had a long conversation with him about how he did the wrong thing and how he should have been patient in getting a promotion. I want the best for PD, it was once thriving now getting 15 people a day often less. I want to help promote more lower ranks, host more PD meetings, keep order and keep lower ranks in check. I want to help out people like SM's and SGT's that are struggling in training or are just struggling with PD in general. I want to give as many people help as I can to enhance their careers in PD. I am not applying for LT for myself, I am applying for others, I want to use my rank as LT to help out lower ranks and help them work their way through the ranks and become more and more professional and even help them learn to enhance their driving skills and techniques for things like pursuits and traffic stops. This has been my LT application, thank you for your time and considering my application. You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No):Yes
  3. Steams still fucked for me. Please put me on extended LOA until further notice
  4. Bush


    Gonna be on LOA another week. pc still fucked.
  5. Going on LOA for 1-2 weeks. Fixing my PC I spilled water on it and its fucked
  6. New Rollcall to determine who is active and who is not active Ingame Name:Bush SteamID:STEAM_0:1:177764132 Rank:SGT Activity: Active What do you want to see in state going forward? Why?: A colonel that doesnt get blacklisted. Any Suggestions?:none
  7. Bush

    Bushes CC - Completed

    Look up Stock Photo Old Man thats my CC...
  8. Gonna be inactive sunday and monday. Moving to georgia
  9. Bush

    Bushes CC - Completed

    Yes try both links
  10. In-Game Name: [GL] Bush SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177764132 Server: PoliceRP Custom Job Name: Harold Color of Job: Highest neon green. I think its 108.47 100 100 Job Description: CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIINNNNNNN THESE WOUNDS THEY WILLLLL NOT HEEEAAAALLLL. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=858232236&searchtext= Weapons : Negev and R8 Revolver Medkit: med_kit
  11. -1 I was parked in and both cars had parking brakes on. I asked nicely 5 times to move but he told me to fuck off. Also a taser counts as fearrp now? Cause in the vid u have cuffs and the swat has a taser ?
  12. I will be on LOA for 2 days as i make an application for a Law School
  13. InGame Name: Bush  Trooper Rank & Badge #1M84 and 1T84 Question 1: Do you feel you are being treated fairly and with the correct level of respect within State? Yes or no, and please give your reasoning? No. Stop calling me inactive. Question 2: Please list 3 or more recommendations you think would improve the atmosphere of roleplay and seriousness within the Rockford State Trooper department? 1. Stricter 2.More Trainings 3.Buff cert Question 3: Do you have any other issues or things you would like to mention to us? Please feel free to express your honest opinion.Stop calling me inactive
  14. Going to denmark for christmas so ill be on LOA for like 3 weeks or so.