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  1. I am leaving staff Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn to be apart of staff
  2. +support -Knows how to lead well -knows his troopers -Responsible leader
  3. I'm resigning from MG I hope the server can do well without me. I will be focusing on my Jedi life for now on. I hope this does not hurt the generals I will still be active
  4. Plague I hope you won't leave forever you taught me a lot on how to be a general you will be missed -Love Major General Nova
  5. Accepted But as Havoc Go see a BG+ for CCT Training Congrats!
  6. Mega+++++Support -Great Person -Knows what he is doing -Great at RP -Extremely Active _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Major General Nova
  7. Steam Name - US Nova In Game Name - Nova RP Rank - Major General Battalion(s) you command - Specialization and Recon How often can you be on? - Everyday 2-6 hours
  8. Jacob Cain

    Nova, back?

    Hmmmmmmmm Denied
  9. Jacob Cain

    Nova, back?

    I going to try and get back on server and possibly get my rank back. Can't wait to see my old friends and fight along side on them once more. can't wait to kill some RU!!