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  1. +Support Has had a lot of officer time and has experience
  2. +/-support -rushed app +trustworthy I would recommend Hammer first.
  3. The reason I'm resigning is due to multiple reasons. One reason is because I have been here for a long time, and I have given all I can offer. My place as a BCO has been long, and I feel like someone else should be allowed to fill the position. This server has provided me a lot of good memories, trials, and friends, all of whom I cherish deeply. I might return later, but my time on this server has come to a halt. Pacer - You have taught me many things through the time that I have been with you in rancor, and you have been a good friend. Thank you for being a inspiration, my old commander, and my wise friend. Blizzard - I've known you for along time, and you've proven time and time again that you are responsible, and follow the rules to the teeth. Thank you for being the person that you are. Asteroid - Your a funny, and spunky kid. But you manage to get the job done. Its been good knowing you. Remain level headed and mature in your decisions. Thank you for being able to make me laugh. Aegis - You have been a collection of many attributes, and I have been able to witness these attributes during your time as a BXO. Keep being you, and lead Stealth well. Thank you for being a friend I can count on. Grizz - Your always thinking ahead, and you manage to have fun...well, a little too much fun but you take your role seriously. It was good having you as my friend. Thank you. Cookie(cookMK10)- I've known you for a short time, but you have shown me that you are capable of many things, aspire for greatness and never settle for less. Thank you for being my friend. Mel - Your a good, and loyal trooper. Become what you want to become, not what your instructed to become. Remain true to yourself, and inspire others. Thank you for being my loyal friend. Invaliff - I talked to you some, and you strike me as someone never wanting to witness failure. Remember, failure is the greatest teacher. But, you never gave up on the server, and I thank you for that. Thunder - You've inspired happiness in many people, including me. You follow the rules, and your easy to get along with. Remain true to yourself, and always strive to make others happy. Thank you for everything. Zeko - You have been a good, and capable commander. Always getting the job done, and managing to be fun to play with. Thank you for all the great laughs, and thank you for being a good friend. Cambell - Your a fun guy, and a strict one as well. Try to be loose, and understanding. But, be strict and be ready to give punishment when due. Thank you for being a cool guy, and friend. Cain - Constantly focused on an individuals weaknesses, and wanting to make them stronger. But you must be ready to accept there weakness and look to their strengths. Thank you for being my commander. Lin - You put me in my place, and basically helped me see my position for what it was. You provided fun memories, and teachings. Thank you for being a good commander. Phoenix - Your a good person by heart, but you can be serious when necessary. You helped to provide some good times. Thank for being my friend. China - You were there from my beginning, always a good person and good with lore. Not once did you not put a smile on my face. Thank you for being me egg friend. Anyone not specifically mentioned - In order to be a good leader, you must learn to follow. For all who read this, remain true to yourself, and find it in YOU to create happiness in others lives. You will often find when doing this, you are rewarded in ways you never thought. To those who don't follow the rules, there are restrictions for a reason. They are there to help guide a person down a path that allows free flow. To those who follow the rules to the teeth, you must find looseness in your judgments. Because you will often find that all those people need is a second chance, and hope. For the well rounded individuals, you will find it common watching individuals fight, where clearly there is a way to resolve something. You must be the mediators and help others find the common ground that you reside on. Thank you all, for allowing me to have fun, and forgiving my mistakes when they were grave. And for being my friends. This is Maloney, Signing off...
  4. The green means they WON'T get in trouble
  5. Allowed to talk: - 2LT+ - Only if ARC/Rancor is in hearing distance - If you are granted permission from the ARC Commanders - If you are talking in LOOC/OOC - If high command is talking directly to you - If are in a event, or in defcon 2. Anything that is not listed here will be interpreted as breaking ARC Code of Silence. If broke, you will be reported to the Commanders. Where we will decide your punishment.
  6. Despite the fact he muted you twice, which was punishment for spamming OOC. You proceeded to talk back to him once he granted you the power to talk again in game. Which is why he "threatened" you with mute again. But, I do feel like the second time should've simply have been a sit, instead of a mute threat.
  7. +support maybe possibly if at all, change the name of the 5th fleet section