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  1. -denied- Commanders can not be only weekends... Also you where advertising
  2. -voided- requested to be voided by elite
  3. -denied- Not high enough rank to apply for commander Low community support -reapply when you are of rank and after 2 weeks @Invaliff move to denied
  5. -DENIED- Low community support REAPPLY IN 2 WEEKS I did this because Elite told me to accept or deny the apps
  6. -DENIED- DUE TO LOW COMUNITY SUPPORT. I Recommend you get some experience in being a trooper and also showing people how you have grown in maturaty.
  7. Steam Name - [GL] Plague Doctor In Game Name - Plague RP Rank - General Battalion(s) you command - All How often can you be on? - Weekends untill further notice
  8. In my opinion I have seen you minge quite a bit 8n all honesty but among other things you know how to lead and command to an extent so I'm on the fence we dont need a mingy commander. A mingy commander makes a mingy battalion
  9. +MAJOR PLUS SUPPORT+ GREAT Commander Knows how to lead Good guy Gets along with troopers -LIEUTENANT GENERAL PLAGUE
  10. +support He is good at command Mole is the best ARF trooper Smart at command -LIEUTENANT GENERAL PLAGUE
  11. I deffenatly know what started this