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  1. +support This is needed EX General Plague
  2. -support As a GM I watched you constantly disobey orders and when in game you constantly modelled yourself and other off duty In game you didnt follow orders and disrespected your high ups Also another thing Replying to your own app -EX General Plague
  4. You resigned from commander correct. If I am right in that statement you cannot apply for general after resigning from commander -support -Ex General Plague
  5. would come so soon. I feel as if I am no longer fit for the Rank of General. This id a Resignation from the Server and an RP Resignation. I am resigning due to complaints of me and those who wish to have me removed. This is not a sad Resignation know that I will still be here just. Not as general I became Brigadier General during November of last year and tried my best to work my ass off during the worst time I have seen on this server. It was bad and I stuck with it. I love this server and I try to do my best with my job. I would like to thank those who have helped me, I guess -Invaliff. Thank you for bringing me up and accepting me into your ranks, you are an amazing member of SMT and a Great Grand General I am sorry for this sudden change I hope you can find someone to fill my boots better. -Science. I would like to consider you a friend thank you for welcoming me into high command and letting me feel welcome into the server. -Hoovy. Oh boy trust that I will not be leaving the Team I am going to stay with you untill the end of time trust me. -Pacer. Sad to see you go and thank you for making me feel like I can not be serious all the time. -borith. We had some very bad times, I was there to watch your fall from grace and your rise aswell. You tried as a BG I understand. You are a Great member of staff and a Grear member of fleet -Cooper. I watched as you grew in the 41st and then got Yoda from nothing. Non the less you are an amazing Yoda and a great GM -alpha. You had a lot of rocky times I get it but you have potential to be a great BG -johnson. Let's play minecraft -island. I consider you a friend thanks for staying up late for breaking Crainer Craft with me -the 41st. You guys are a Great battalion and you should keep being great. -JMS. Sorry i put you later but honestly. JMS is one of my friends he does his job well. I met JMS on JVS hmmmm me and him where the only Grey jedi and we litterally talked while me meditated. JMS has the potential of being a Great General one day keep up the great work -The GM Team. As I said before I will not be leaving you guys any time soon trust me -Rook. Another good friend I play minecraft with. -Eman. Thank you for Being our manager and helping the server become Great, you are a good guy -Jessi. That one EOD firefighter EX. General Plague -[Pestilence]- Signing off
  6. -support I dont know much of who you are But from what I can see your app is rushed And I personally think you could use some more time as Hammer
  7. -support Disrespectfull Mingy App seems rushed -GM Admin Plague
  8. -support No poll Not a steam Id It looks rushed GM Admin Plague
  9. -support Rushed app Please try to read the guidelines
  10. @_Kermit_ when did you donate for Stealth
  12. In-game name: General Plague SteamID:STEAM_0:1:430308547 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: General How long have you been Gamemaster: oof Hoovy you know the Exact date but I think around October of last year Have you received any strikes (please give reasons if applicable): yes I have 1 strike for Abusing my Physgun During my 1st week of GM How much time do you have on the server?: 4 weeks in game uhhh almost 8 months... I think How well do you know the LORE? Oh boy this question again, I am doing this on a phone so here we go. I believe I made the Highest On the last lore test of all the GMs I believe my lord skills are quite Good indeed. I Love Clone wars lore and sometimes my Mind gets foggy but I can connect the dots Very well if someone is talking about lore I can normally understand what they are talking about and all that. I know the deep little things in lore swell. And I am VERY eager to learn more. I dont know much about clone battalions but sence I am general I know where to place them during an Event and what they did in lore. Why do you WANT to become a Senior Gamemaster?: another long one. Here we go again. I Want to be senior Gamemaster because I know how to make Good Mega and Story events with Lore Accuracy, and I know when to stop using GBombs (lol) I have been Gm as long as our current Head GM and I think I can finally handle the job of Making the Big headline events for our server that make people want to keep comming back for more. I want to be a senior GM because I feel like I am Ready to do bigger events, I dont want to be held down by the Basic event and MAYBE if hoovy wants a mega event. It sucks I hate it and I want to do Big Great events. Why should you be trusted to be a Senior Game Master?: I should be trusted so Sen GM because I have been a (I think) Trusted GM for quite some time, I train Most all of the GMs that have came to the Team, If hoovy can trust me with training His team I think I can be trusted to be his Senior Gamemaster! I have also like I said before done a couple mega events and they where good from what I heard, I think I could be trusted to bring the server mega events without asking hoovy. Have you mastered ULX?: I am an admin and o train all your Gamemasters (yes) Are you experienced with planning Mega Events?: I have planned 2, 1 was accepted and done so yes Give an example of a mega event: Oh boy, here we go. Defcon 5 normal duty period all seems fine around the ship, Briefing is called by one of the High command members, all is normal troopers are excited for the next mission they get to Briefing and said High command is being held at gunpoint by a bounty hunter and his gang.(Not a Hostage event trust me) they say that this man will be left alive if we go and save the boss of the group, other members of high command decide that the proper way to deal with this is to follow through. We go to Jedi_v_sith and we are instructed by the Bounty Hunter to go the Forest planet to grab some important information, it was a simple infiltrate and get data troopers think this is simple. Next instruction is to go to the Desert Planet with the temple(placed a beacon) this is the hard part the troopers when getting on the ground are Fireed appon immediately by droids but not CIS. They are silver. Seems odd. They clear the droids and they push inside and try to find the target so the High command is safely released. No one in sight, just then they hear a ship fly out from behind the temple. And the troopers are called to follow. (We switch to GM Fallout) the troopers chase the target to a Desert planet to try and help the important high command the chase going into the tunnels below the surface where the troopers are met with droids. Lots and lots of droids. They are given two options follow into the tunnels and possibly die a horrible death OR let 38th go in with a tank to clear the way and die a little less. After the decision they go into the tunnels to find the target. They reach the back of the tunnels and corner the target and his hostage. It is quickly dealt with and the bounty hunter let's our high command go. The troopers are called back to the ship so that ends are tied. And A Debriefing can be held to inform on what events just occured How active can you be: I can get on Most every day on weeks now that my parents dont care as much. I can probably get on and do an even or two in the time they are upstairs thinking I am taking to friends.
  13. Entering Password [REDACTED] WELCOME -[Pestilence]- hmmmm STARTING UP LOG 001 OF POSSIBLY MANY Thank you computer. -001- Indeed I know this is not a safe way to put my thoughts down, but alas I need to put my mind to something other than the nightmares. Today i was walking around the ship i saw usual trooper Dutys, CTs running about yet to be disciplined, Rancor and their code of silence, and the most intriguing [REDACTED] Please enter administrator Password to continue with the transmission of Classified Information Password -[854224]- ACCESS GRANTED! WELCOME! As I was saying before interrupted by the Computer. Nightfall intriguing they work with a deadly precision almost impressive even to my standards, I remember being captured on a CIS controlled planet. Before I even gave the order they had the ray shield down. Interesting indeed hmmm I think that covers most of it. I got a lot off my mind. LOG 001 SAVED UNDER -[Pestilence]-