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  1. I would just like to thank ArmySecret for not giving me a chance to leave lol
  2. This is how you know you dungoofed LOOOL! Apparently Noot had gotten the wrong guys and called the entire PD force after me and my friend lol
  3. I do deserve the minge and warn to be honest, I was really mingey yesterday which I don't know why to tell you the truth. Im not naturally that mingey but I was and I do deserve the warns since the evidence is clear (By the way I never heard the Come over here I think your mic was glitched)
  4. +Support -All is true -I had to deal with it -There is proof -Guy actually said to me, "I am sick of you Gambino people" as staff on duty
  5. I absolutely loved Hardcore Henry but there was also the Independence day series
  6. +Support Evidence is clear as said many times and as anyone could see he has RDM'd multiple times and he was being mingey. I have run into Insper multiple times as well and its safe to say that he is mingey during those times too
  7. Lets just all post on this old post eggsdee
  8. So many people wanna see it but if I see a Pingu then you are god level
  9. I used to play Destiny 1 like 12 hours a day constantly and I loved it so much, it was my favorite game and I absolutely loved playing it with friends. I haven't tried out Destiny 2 but I think I would like it
  10. +1 Support I think having Terrorism on the server is a good idea because it could add more RP and it can even add some new units on Gov such as EOD. Looks and sounds fun!
  11. I got kinda bored of PD to be honest so I am trying to get into NSA and SWAT but the applications haven't been posted so i am waiting eggsdee