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  1. Pros: -He is a smart kid -He knows his stuff -He can do many voices (Some better than others) -He knows when to have fun and when to be serious -He has an amazing attitude -He knows how to brighten up your day Cons: -He has room for improvement -He doesn't have the experience of being gamemaster (Yet) -He Can be a bit overwhelming at times (Mostly not though)
  2. What is your in game name? My in game name is Rusty. My full RP name is 501st MSG AVL Rusty 8200 What is your steam name? My steam name is Rusty Toaster My icon is a skull and crossbones What is your steam ID? My Steam ID is Steam_0:0:159212021 Do you have any other experience with staffing? Sadly I have not had the privilege of becoming staff on any server in G-mod. But I have been staff on Minecraft countless times. I know its not the same game but being staff still has the same principles no matter what game you are playing. I have been admin, moderator, helper, builder, and trial mod on many servers in minecraft most of them are offline due to lack of funds or the owner just quitting. I know the ways of being a staff member, just not on G-mod specifically. What date did you start playing on the community? I joined the server for the first time in either July or August. I then stopped playing for a while. I started playing permanently sometime in late August and then made my forums account on September 3rd. I have been playing on and off for the past few months more on than off. I reached 1 Day of playtime sometime in September. I believe I am close to getting 2 Days of playtime but I don't know how to check the exact time. What date did you make your forums account? As stated above I created my forums account on September 3rd. What is your current rank on the server? I am Grand Master on the Clone Wars server. How many warns do you have on the server? I do not have any warns to my name. Have you donated? Why yes I have. -Grand Master Rank -70 Combat levels -Custom Lightsaber -Tactical Insertion -Grappling Hook What rank are you applying for? I am applying for the Trial Moderator rank. I am sure that I meet the qualifications for the normal Moderator rank but I would think that I need some experience to become a normal Moderator, the Trial Moderator is the perfect way to get experience Have you read the staff guidelines? Yes I have, and I am ready to be tested on it. What Time Zone do you live in? From Present day to November 3rd I will be in Guam Time (GMT +10) After November 3rd I will be in Alaskan Time (GMT -8) Why do you believe you deserve this rank? I don't believe I deserve this rank per-say, I believe that I can earn it with due time and determination. I know I am probably not the best suited person for the position, but I believe that I can prove myself to be of great use to the server. Since I am in a different time zone than most people, I can be on during the odd hours of the day/night so that there is always some form of order. How would you handle someone who is Mass RDMing and Disrespecting the staff when said person is in a sit? What I would do personally is warn them and give them 300 seconds of jail/minge time. If it was their second offense I would warn them again and give them 600 seconds of jail/minge time. Then if they were to repeat the offense I would kick them and tell a higher ranking staff member. What the book says to do is slightly different. On the first offense you warn them. The second offense you give them 300 seconds of jail/minge time The third offense they get 600 seconds of jail/minge time. And if they continue for a fourth offense, you jail/minge them for 10,000 seconds.
  3. Rusty 8200 SSGT (Staff Seargent) Grand Master
  4. Name In-Game : Rusty 8200 Rank In-Game : PV2 Any ULX ranks (Gamemaster, Admin, Donator Ranks) : None Any changes you want in the 501st : I like it the way it is