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  1. na im ltcol in the allied see you on the field boy
  2. Yeah, On Tuesday Im acually leaving for Quebec City @8am est, is it possible for Sunday or Monday? i will be laate to that meeting 2night.
  3. +Support -Good App -No Warns -Active Hope SWrp is being good for you. Good luck!
  4. Sieg hail Oberstleutnant Fredrich
  5. oh ok can i apply for both?
  6. There gonna be high command for this? or no.
  7. Please include a poll with the title being would you like me to become (Rank)? put yes and no as options if you do not you will be given 12 hours to fix before being denied. US Mechanized Infantry Staff Officer Application Form In-game Name: Theman Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:223840334 How many active warns do you have: In the past, I have had 4 Recommendations if any: Skela, Tony, anyone in Delta Command+ Do you have any experience in high command: Yes, I was the 104th vcmder in SWrp, and am the acting HOR in SCPrp. On a scale on 1 to 10 how much do you know about WWII: 10, I know alot about World War 2 Why do you want to become a Mechanized Infantry Staff Officer ( 70 words or more): I would like this position in the Mechanized Infantry because I have a vast amount of knowledge of World War 2, and I have a wide knowledge of what vehicles were used by the allied forces during the second world war. This position will have me meet new people, who I can have a relationship with. I loved Military RP when it was popular and active, and I have the feeling I will enjoy this one as well. Why should we trust you with Mechanized Infantry Staff Officer (70 words or more): I should be trusted with this position because I feel as if my expertise can help assist the battalion. I have experience with command, I have been the 104th Wolf-pack Battalion Vice Commander in SWrp. I am also the acting Head of Research of the Chaos Insurgency, Research and Development. I am also very fond the World War 2 General George S. Patton. I liked the way he had treated his troops and how he has respect for others. Are you able to think quickly and act in a moment's notice? Yes I am What do you believe US Mechanized Infantry's main focus is (50 to 150 words): I believe that the Mechanized Infantry's Job, is to make sure that the Infantrymen on the field of combat have protection and are safe in the line of duty. I also know that during World War 2, the Mechanized Infantry's job was often supplying the troops with ammunition and medical supply's, not only just armored protection. I have heard story's of the role the real version of this battalion played, and it was truly awe-inspiring. I hope that my knowledge will help influence the battalion better if I get the role. Would you be willing to set aside your personal time to make sure your branch is the best branch: Any thing to do for my personnel How much time do you have on Garry's Mod: 1326 hours Time Zone:Eastern What time are you available to join the server: Anytime given, but as of right now i am weekends until June 22nd(Graduation date) Would you be willing to attend a team speak interview for the position: Of course Thank you for your consideration.
  8. theman$$$

    Skela LOA

    enjoy your leave. take it easy~Theman
  9. Thank you Kade, big honour. I wont let you down.
  10. Name: Theman Rank: Head Of Research Time (please specify): I dont really know. Possibly summer. Reason (if private write N/A): N/A