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  1. Name and Callsign: Theman D13 Rank: USAF COL, MAJCOM SEN. Operator, AFSOC Elite Pilot Last on and time spend: 11/7/19 for about 45 mins. Suggestions: more afsoc members, more server population Like the "new" map? 50/50 not a big fan of it, but its nice.
  2. theman$$$

    Skela Birthday

    ok... congrats... be active you small body.. jk just playing with u ~Theman
  3. I knew this would happen you jew... nah jk... Get your grades up boy, and see you later in the future.... best of luck~Theman (The Sole N-N-N Survivor).
  4. theman$$$

    Themans LOA

    Name: USAF SEN|MAJCOM AFSOC ATC COL MDI Theman Rank: Master Drill Instuctor Reason: Sadly, I got grounded and i got a very sore wrist. Length: 1 and a half week. Sorry for inactivty lately but, going to football finals, so i need prep.
  5. Sad to see you go... Welcome to the retired club.
  6. i think we go up to level 4 as highest... but what do i know, im retired...
  7. I'll return one day... I just can't keep on being active>semi-active>inactive>semi-active> weekends... Thanks everyone... Ill be back one day, maybe next summer, when i can be fully active...
  8. Well... The time has come... It's been a long ride on this server... This is my last week on this server, until I return. From me being a OFC on Security, then Junior Board Member in Chaos Insurgency, and even Event Team (until i was kicked)... It was a great time of being on this server, and I will eventually return to the server. I just cannot manage my commitment on all the servers that I'm apart of. I will not forget all of those people that made my experience great... Including the days that we played Roblox and Base Wars together. @Berserkrpups You were one of the biggest people that made my time in CI great. You were the best General that CI will probably ever have. Keep up the great work in CI and make it great. @Orange- One of the best Commanders that CI has seen so far (No offence October), I hope that you and Tony keep CI were it is now. You were, and still is, one of the best people to be in Command. @Catsro- What can I say... you have been a great role model for all of CI. I hope that you stay in CI for a long time. Keep on being a role model for CI and the best Command member you can be. @October- You were my first Commander that I had in CI. You inspired me to be better as a person and do better in CI. You were one of the people who got me far in CI. Keep being a good person. @Skela- Thanks for being the best R&D member i have seen in my experience. You were so committed to your job and keep it up. (sorry for not including you earlier) I'm sorry if i did not include you in my resignation, but you all will be remembered. Thank you all for my experience... Signing off for now~ @theman$$$
  9. Bye Archan, we will miss you. You were a great Commander.~Theman