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  1. im sorry, who? jk, follow me on twitch...
  2. Well im late but still +Support
  3. Fuck im late, well hope it served you well...
  4. Name (in game): Theman Branch Applying for: USAF VCMDR Time on Server: Around 1 1/2 year, but ingame probably 1 week 5 days (gets reset) Time in Community: Around 2+ Years Improvements You Will Make To Branch: I will attempt to bring more people to USAF, and I will hopefully get more people into SO such as AFSOC and MAJCOM. I also plan to promote people more often than I am now. I also hope to relive some time off of Lawrence's Hands to help him with roster modifications. Past Command Experience: Former CW 104th Vcmder, JBM of CI (SCPrp), Current USAF COL. Why Do You Want to Be in a Command Position? I would like to be in a Command Position so I can help out our lovely Commander, and improve the branch to what USAF used to be like. I wish to also be able to assist my fellow brethren in arms. As I am unable to have good activity during the week, I will promote people on the Weekends as well as attempt to improve activity on USAF. When I see the USAF roster, I get disappointed that we have 5+ people who are set as inactive, remove on next cycle, and it makes me wonder, can USAF get active enlisted? As a COL, i know i haven't done much lately but i see big hope for the future of USAF if i do get accepted. How Active Can You Be? Weekends mostly, but whenever i can be on weekdays. Time Zone: EST Warns (across all servers): 3 i think (1 from CWrp, and 2 from SCP) Thank you for your time/consideration.
  5. Name: Theman -Rank: COL | MAJCOM Chief Operator | AFSOC Airspace Coordinator -Last online: Today -Ability to attend : Not entirely sure but most likely -If unable, why?
  6. +Support Good in combat Active would love to have him as MAJCOM.
  7. Name: Theman Rank: Retired JBM Callsign: R3T1R3D Activity: Retired DiscordID#: Theman#1739 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): Uh, CI = Best Branch so... What would you like to achieve in CI: Come out of retirement by summer 2020.
  8. +Support - Active. - Does his job as an officer. - Meets requirements. also whos conrad? USAF MAJCOM AFSOC ATC COL DICPT Theman
  9. Androntel, what do you mean of that, Im kinda confused. +Support -Active -Listens to orders -Outstanding during combat Would love to have you as a member of MAJCOM. ~ USAF MAJCOM AFSOC CPTDI COL Theman
  10. Name and Callsign: Theman D13 Rank: USAF COL, MAJCOM SEN. Operator, AFSOC Elite Pilot Last on and time spend: 11/7/19 for about 45 mins. Suggestions: more afsoc members, more server population Like the "new" map? 50/50 not a big fan of it, but its nice.
  11. theman$$$

    Skela Birthday

    ok... congrats... be active you small body.. jk just playing with u ~Theman
  12. I knew this would happen you jew... nah jk... Get your grades up boy, and see you later in the future.... best of luck~Theman (The Sole N-N-N Survivor).