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  1. +Support. I need the point Swep and the Salute... I need it...
  2. R&D? you better do something ASAP about my SALUTE! and point swep good job...
  3. Name: Alroix Rank: Private First Class Times you play: Not very often due to the other servers i have to be on. Best times for Meetings: Any day except for Friday (Due to that being the major meeting day for the other servers i play on) Any Concerns?: I might not be able to keep up with Activity due to a lot of other things.
  4. Name:Theman Rank:LTCOL Times you play:Weekends EST Best times for Meetings:Fridays Any Concerns?:Stop shooting other friendly vehicles, and their drivers inside of them.
  5. My steam files broke, need to repair it, dont know when I can get it back up.
  6. Name: Theman Rank: JBM Callsign JMB01 Steam Name: (GL) Theman Discord ID: Theman#1739
  7. Yeah, On Tuesday Im acually leaving for Quebec City @8am est, is it possible for Sunday or Monday? i will be laate to that meeting 2night.
  8. +Support -Good App -No Warns -Active Hope SWrp is being good for you. Good luck!
  9. oh ok can i apply for both?
  10. There gonna be high command for this? or no.