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  1. +Support Good App. but your names wrong.. It should be, US 1SG DI Vixxi
  2. Good luck Furno, It was an honour to serve under you (me bing USAF though), come back and visit when you can!
  3. I have lost all my cash almost 23 times. I believe if the NPC is not brought back, then the prices should be lowered. Also, please bring LFS back, WAC needs a buff and LFS is perfect for the server.
  4. Ingame Name: USAF MAJCOM CPT MDI Theman SteamID: STEAM_0:0:223840334 What date did you start playing the community: Late 2017. When did you create your forums account: September 1st, 2018 What is your current ULX rank on the server: User. How many warns do you have on the server: None on this server. But 3 on other's. What timezone do you live in: US EST How often can you be on: Almost everyday, for a few hours Why do you want to join the Event Team: I wish to join the Military Rp's event team, because I like this server and I want it to be populated again. I also wish to join and share my event ideas with the server and get the server to have more activity. What is an example of an RP event you would host: US Air Force MAJCOM Unit Sierra Foxtrot Delta Comes to the US base to inform them of a downed AC-130J Hercules Transport Plane, containing a special weapons cache. The base is to assist Sierra Foxtrot Delta in searching for the weapons cache on the plane. (Russian forces had already looted the plane and went to Bunker to hold the supplies there) Upon arriving to the crash site, US Forces discovered that the plane had been looted and that the cache is gone. They find a note left by the Russians saying, “Good luck getting your Missiles back- Love, Russia”. The Troops will then go on patrol to search for the missing cache. As they search for the cache, a civilian will tip off some off the soldiers that the russians are in the Bunker. The soldiers and Sierra Foxtrot Delta will raid the bunker to get the cache back. Once the bunker is clear then the cache will be put on a truck and be transported back to base. Then Sierra Foxtrot Delta will return to Listening Post Hotel with the cargo.
  5. Done -USAF AFSOC CPT DI Theman
  6. theman$$$

    Themans LOA

    Name: Theman Rank: AFSOC Capt. Date of LOA Leave/Return: 08-12-2019, Returning in maybe 2 days. Reason (if private write N/A): Reinstalling Gmod. and doing updates on my pc.
  7. Name: Theman Rank: JBM Callsign: JBM01 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 08-12-2019, returning possibly in 2 days Reason (if private write N/A): Doing updates with gmod and have uninstalled it.