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  1. I am a lad

  2. I must get some merch. It is very nice and cool!
  3. If you did call for staff I'm sure they would of came straight away as there were like 3-4 mods-admins online.
  4. How am I able to run while I'm in cuffs?
  5. You tazed me when I was in cuffs correct.
  6. You can't interact with buttons while cuffed anyway and all DOC doors were already closed and locked shut so they couldnt be open and none of you had guns out until you killed book.
  7. We weren't even arrested yet we were just in cuffs. Plus all the doors were closed and you cant even interact with buttons while cuffed anyway. SWAT went upstairs I followed then another SWAT came behind me dragging Book. I didn't know he was arrested.
  8. Your in game name: Ching Ming Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104110477 The player's in game name: BeHappy The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:212767343 What did the player do: RDM of a man in cuffs. Myself & OG Book were going to prison then BeHappy rdmed him he was in cuffs and unarmed so no valid reason to just execute him. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Well I first of I think he should get given a warning in game for RDM. But It shows unprofessionalism at the Rockford SWAT Department so if any SWAT Command want to act on this video feel free too, I also believe he is apart of the Gaming Light staff team so I feel like with him RDMing and another administrator saying it is straight up RDM I think he should be told to go read the rules again because this may set a bad image of him due to him being apart of the staff team. Any extra information: This video has been reviewed by LuckyGoose a Administrator apart of the PoliceRP team and said this was in fact straight up RDM. But couldn't do anything as I just got time to upload the video and it was a few hours ago so he told me to go upload it here on forums.
  9. Name: Mr Ming Rank: PA Date: 03/07/2020
  10. [GL] Bradley


    Would be good to bring it back definitely
  11. Suggest this but yeah hammers are way too over powered
  12. Make an action figure of all the management team