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  1. I can’t believe this, wow thank you for your kind words bro, Goodluck on your new adventures!
  2. Broooo I can’t believe this..
  3. Justin, thank you for your service and thank you for the kind words, I wish you the best man.
  4. BROOOO CONGRATULATIONS MAN! Well deserved wow :’) so happy for you bro, love ya man Goodluck! -need to change my signature-
  5. Damn bro sad to see you go :’( need to change my signature..
  6. YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN GREAT WORK can’t wait btw need to change my signature still :’( rip
  7. sad to see you go man, take care and don’t forget about FBI. thank you for your service. (Aka haven’t changed my title yet lol rip)
  8. DeathBoy my man, Goodluck.
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