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  1. Just look at that screenshot Poor Tom
  2. AL

    the chiggens chaos

    So all chiggens I am deeply sorry as well I have blown things out proportion and I can admit to that , I should’ve reacted and responded differently and maturely some of the things you guys did were extreme and towards the end I was just getting triggered because many of the situations we could’ve role played out and I got a bit hotheaded and decided to blow things up I apologise and hope we can get a new -wyler
  3. AL

    the chiggens chaos

    I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR MUNCHIES AND TCOOP WITH THE SITUATION I LEFT THEM IN I have underlined a quote in number 2 beware it has profanity ikr Number 1 the chiggens family was a bunch of people minging and rdming at any given time. We as gov would raid them and they would 'be afk' as soon as the raid starts . This happened the first time at the cinema when we had araon hothcer go undercover fbi and confirm they were gonna do 'terrorist acts and rob gen stores' , so I call pd to raid them simple , then raids over there all either dead or in cuffs. They had ars etc. Heres the best part some would come back and randomly shoot our cars , the others would whine and not go to jail saying they were 'afk'. Number 2 , this is what happens in the middle of end. They were just generally cop baiting and harassing gov , if any gov got close they will all crowd and one would shoot the cops. Alot would again whine and not go in jail when they where arrested and just random acts of rdm attempts and successful attempts saying it was hits when the same person shot at 2 different people as a thief for no reason , they were blasting racial profanity such as the n word. Player dissing and harassing e.g i was called a "10 year old cock sucker and I should shoot my self you little shit" that is just one example. Other times i was called much meaner things. Number 3, they popped a money silo up fair play , pd raided , they played the "afk card" , pd won and then they started minging and doing the things repeated in number 2 and number 1 , then tcoops and munchies tried to deal with it , the chiggens family of course kept a finger on me and i think they shouldve gotten more then a warn - They tried crashing the server twice and did so once - I mean I dont have recordings but there were multiple witnesses. What im trying to say is that chiggens family need perma bans , and my end of the story.
  4. AL

    Ss vs VussrL

    Today I want to thank all of secret service and cat for the amazing experience today being guarded . i was the president putin , what just happened was the best experience I’m any rp server . i want all promotion to ss and cat for a amazing job and experience Tom if you read this I want automatic acceptance to ss for my great presidentsy ( rip I did 178 words I’ll try next week with more effort ) hoorrrahhhh vussrl sucked -Wyler