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  1. 51 minutes ago, Androntel said: I have no idea who this is Well, you really don't have to know me to rate my application. I could +/- support someones app because of the quality of the post and not even know the person.
  2. Name:Tigersden Rank: 2LT Roster Status: Active
  3. Well, you did a good job leading this department (better than Tom) you got an update done for CAT and I cannot wait for it (I’ve been waiting for 3 months) Anyway, good luck in the future and #Emmu4Director
  4. I joined DOC thinking I would enjoy it, but it's not for me i guess. Also i'm not enjoying PRP anymore so I might just leave overall. Cant say much other than that (im also inactive so)
  5. 1.What Is your In-game Name: Tigersden 2.What Is your current rank?(1SG+): 2LT 3.Who would like to see you as a Ranger?(Two Officer's): Jack and Crimzon. 4.Why should we trust you with being a Ranger?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I am able to follow and complete orders, no matter how dangerous it may be, and I can handle myself in high stress situations. 5.Why do you want to be a Ranger (50 Words Min): All the time I spent on MillitaryRp, I always wanted to join a Special Forces Unit. I have fought Beside MARSOC, FORECON, MAJCOM, and Rangers and I seen them take out multiple enemies in seconds. They have some of the best players on the server,and I want to be apart of that category. I have always gotten a bunch of clean kills and head shots during war, I attack and defend positions well and do things Special Forces already do, so I feel like I am ready to be a Ranger. 6.What is your Timezone?: CST 7.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): Almost everyday for 1-3 hours. 8.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes. 9.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 3, but all of them are from PoliceRP 10.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): No. 11.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes.
  6. Name: Tigersden Rank: Captain Why you want to stay in ems: Because I (think) I’m a good command memeber and I really like the people that are in EMS. Are you in the discord: Yes
  7. Name: Tigersden Rank: Captain Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: I just came back to EMS and I’m loving every bit of it when I am on. Any changes you want in the EMS?: nope
  8. Getting bored and not having any fun anymore so I just probably need a break. I will probably return in a week or whenever I feel like it.
  9. Your In-game: Tigersden Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:71448249 The admin's name in-game: Lil Goat The admin's steam name (If you know it): nope What warning did you receive: RDM x1 Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: After robbing a bank with a lot of UMC members, we were in a shootout with the police and I saw my car zoom by that was stolen earlier (this was by hospital). So I went to investigate after the police were all dead to see if the person who stole my car died or not and I saw a civilian walking away from my exploded car. So I thought that he was the one who stole my car and I killed him. So the person who was driving my car probably died and the civilian was already in the area. Any extra information: what happend
  10. Name:Tigersden Rank:DSAIC Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department (50 word min): I would like to stay in the department because I’m almost on Secret Service all the time I play. I main CAT and I am really exited for the update and hopefully it comes soon. Also because the people in this department are the best people in the server. Any changes you want in the Secret Service: Just waiting for the CAT update
  11. -support Did a good job as medical chief and assisstant chief Accepted me Trained me Cared about everyone Please don’t go