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  1. Name: Tigersden Rank: ASAIC Time: 12/23-12/28 Reason: Out of town for Christmas
  2. Name: Tigersden Rank: SNR LT How active can you be (Will be held to this): Not in game cause my car dealer committed die on me. But I do help out during meetings. What is your favorite part about being EMS?: Razonix, all of low command, the medics and just having a good time
  3. EMS is just a point and click adventure game unless the AMM is added
  4. Name (name on roster): TigersdenRank (SS Rank, not CAT): ASAICWhy should we keep you in the department? (50+ words): I really love Secret Service and CAT and the people in it. I’m trying to become DSAIC and to help out with this department. I want to be in SOAP because that sounds like it will be a really fun job. I want to become a higher rank in CAT and I wish it’s not removed because CAT is awesome. Activity Level (Active, Semi Active, In-Active, LOA): active
  5. kade, dont you dare think about it, we need you.
  6. It's really sad that you left because of all the toxic players, I agree that there is a lot of toxic people in this game but I didn't expect that you will resign just because of the toxic people. Good luck in the future Shibie, hope your EMT training goes well.
  7. Name: Tigersden Rank: Senior LT Status on Roster: Active What are you thankful for? Our lord and savior Jason Tucker, and being apart of this department.
  8. +Support It would add a lot more rp to the server which i think that's a good thing. All the other stuff you can do would bring more people into EMS and its just sounds fun. Really good idea soulness i think this would be a great addition to PoliceRP.
  9. Name: Tigersden Rank: Adv Para Status on roster: Active EMS is my favorite job on any server, the people are nice and i really have fun doing it. Shitpost memes.
  10. Tigersden11

    EMS Rolecall

    Name: Tigersden Rank: MC Status on Roster: Haven't been on in a few days Why should we keep you: EMS is my favorite job on the server and i'm planning on getting on more.
  11. In game name: Tigersden11 Link to steam: steamcommunity.com/id/Tigersden11 Warnings: 0 Departments: PD Patrol Officer I want to become EMS because I have died so many times as a cop and don't want to spend money to respawn, but there are no EMS on to revive me. I also want to be EMS to heal and revive SWAT and FBI during raids to help them out so that they don't have to wait 3 minutes to come back. Another reason is that it looks really fun to play as because I like to help people out new people on role play servers and this job will help other people. I would probably be good at this job because I like to help other people and ill be fast to respond to emergency calls. I also want to try and get max rank for EMS and PD and other stuff like FBI, SRT and NSA. Thank you for reading my application and have a great day.