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  1. calling a staff member a "shitty Admin" is staff diss and your gonna receive further punishment for it, good job mate! also massive - support seems justified if you have no problem staff dissing on the forums of all places. GG
  2. hells yeah my guy i'll send discord link
  3. +support active always helping out lower ranks deserves the promotion a great command member and a great credit to PD
  4. Your In-game: TikTok Ethots are my Fetish Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:114270629 The admin's name in-game: Ghostly The admin's steam name (If you know it): dunno What warning did you receive:Staff diss Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): attached Why do you think this warn was false: im rping as a crazy man and in ADVERT not ooc i said "[Advert] VIP+| TikTok Ethots are my Fetish: HE SMALL PEEPEE MAN" as he arrested me earlier today, wasnt staff diss as it wasnt in regards to his staffing and neither player diss as its in a advert referring to him as GOV Any extra information: n/a
  5. +support just messing around with a few mates everyone does this specially if it was the same lads, him shooting you was probably due to the fact they were shooting just outside of spawn when you brought him to the sit
  6. +support perma ban this mans
  7. [GL] Phill

    Emergency LOA

    hope things are alright mate, see you when you come back
  8. +support JMT are trusted members of the staffing team and the community and definitely should give perma bans out as many super admins are online when a manager isn't, if not then any smt member should be able to