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  1. i give perms for mark to be added to my CC "Grove Street Crips Member"
  2. I don't even get a shout out ooof Sad to see you go will miss you
  3. I approve to have these additions added to my CC
  4. Happened alot when I was staff, id be on gmod for 3-4hrs a day and be the only/main staff on and any calls to get more staff on would be ignored, soz your going thru that
  5. A blood? In GSC? LMAO obvs not apart of my fam
  6. - Support is actually a big minge smh Fr tho +Support my mans kai deserves it for the reasons above
  7. denied multiple times in the past and will continue to be denied for this reason
  8. when ya gotta do this for 3 CC's oof
  9. I give perms for him to be added to my cc