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  1. Name: Phil Rank: SSA Date: 20/1/19(why yall living in the past) Activity: semi active due to my activity when i was staff member being on staff all the time and also my semi retirement from the community
  2. Hells yeah would love to join, did a few prisoner rp sessions when the map first came out, its great fun specially with the right people 10/10 would recommend
  3. +support Was there for that jeez
  4. Damn bro definitely sad to see your going too, will miss all the fun we had together both on staff and rp, you were one of the first to give me a hand and show me around the joint thank for that mate your a top bloke
  5. I absolutely love it damn shame i had to hop off i missed out
  6. -support Sounds legit to me maral smh stop minging pls Fr tho +support accidents happen
  7. [GL] Phill

    Ya boy phil

    Oi of course homie your my fav out this crazy lot Oi nah my bad bro i honestly forgot will miss ya too I did forget to add this is my semi leaving the community post, i will get on cos id miss all yall like crazy but I won't be on hours on end everyday like i was, i have really enjoyed my time in this community if time permits I'll come back fully and whatnot but if you anyone wants to stay in contact with me my discord is: Lord Of Woe#3894 always down for a yarn or whatever
  8. +/- support leaning more towards -support I mean you can see/hear alton hitting him and when you spoke death he did show up on "people who can hear you" You also stated its in motd you can kos him, to do so: To KOS the person, you need to warn the person 3 times to stop moving, if they comply you have to arrest them (Actually RP it out) which you didnt as provided by your video you just said "oh s**t hes got a gun *gunshot* hes got a gun" when it didnt appear that he had a gun out unless it was a pistol in safety mode but its very hard to see with you playing in 3rdperson thats my take from it with evidence you provided and hearing from altons side of it
  9. [GL] Phill

    Ya boy phil

    Damn how could i of forgotten about you joe thank you for everything mate your a good bloke I'll still have to pop on to see you guys Thanks for the fun times tim, definitely will be getting on still just not as much as I'd like
  10. [GL] Phill

    Ya boy phil

    Definitely will when i can and cheers bud thanks for everything ❤
  11. [GL] Phill

    Ya boy phil

    As some know ive been on LOA due to moving and unfortunately due to some irl stuff ive had to push it further and as much as i love the server and the community i wont be as active as i usually am as such inhave put my 48hr notice in and wont be playing much if at all, its been great fun playing with many of you guys and i will keep all the memories from my time on this server with me always. Thank you guys for making my time here great xox Big shout out to the following tho if ive missed ya my bad im exhausted love all yall @Haley @Hannah King @Taco. @DURAMAXDIES3L @Jeff Junior @[GL] Tom @Chad B @Munchies @CHEETO A big thank you to PoliceRP smt and zeeptin i am glad to have been apart of the server and community that you guys have created thank you for all you guys have done and continue to do so
  12. [GL] Phill

    Druzz false warn

    -support No evidence, if you can provide the crash report I'll change my mind
  13. -support Reasons above, warn seems valid to me