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  1. W O W no mention? Nah but sad to see you go bruvva
  2. A blood? In GSC? LMAO obvs not apart of my fam
  3. - Support is actually a big minge smh Fr tho +Support my mans kai deserves it for the reasons above
  4. denied multiple times in the past and will continue to be denied for this reason
  5. when ya gotta do this for 3 CC's oof
  6. I give perms for him to be added to my cc
  7. That's all well and all but staff don't, what is that sending to the community when staff who are supppsed to be examples do it and get away with it then a non staff member does it and gets warned, my statement and +support stand
  8. +support Had a gun pointed at him while he was stationary, fearRP applies him screaming you can't mug me does nothing to change the fact he's under fearRP
  9. Oof sad to seeya go
  10. [GL] Phill


    Isn't he that gay non aussie? Jk congrats bruvva deserved it for ya hard work and dedication from a aussie to a new zeeeeeealander congrats
  11. [GL] Phill

    CHIKENS Appeal

    +support Free my mans
  12. Oh yeah cos being brought to a "sit" which was only just so ronin could tell me off and me not defend myself and get player dissed during the sit is perfectly fine, but watch out if I say "Fuck off" to him calling me and my family a minge and then after the "sit" was done and me not allowed to once again continue with what I was saying or anything with John doing absolutely nothing to "moderate" keep the "sit" within guidelines when I get talked over, interrupted by both him and ronin. That's the Way yall are gonna see it and not actually see the context then this is just a lost cause cos as per usual staff always side with staff, during the sit as John did multiple times during the sit and now yall cos someone said a swear Since if I reply to ronin it's "arguing" even if he's allowed to, not once did I tell John kill to "Fuck off" he's someone I consider a good pal the only time I swore towards him was when I told him to "Fuck ME(the big emphasis on the word me)off from the sit since im not able to say anything, only times I said "Fuck off" was when ronin called me and my family minges which anyone would do so. How ronin can get away with player dissing whereas I say "fuck off" to him calling me and my family minges and I get warned for player diss I'll never know