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  1. ok so when i apply for ADF do i still have to mention the warn
  2. ok thanks can i get my warning removed?
  3. In Game Name: RUAF CCM JINSP Bobcat/Tali Man 3 Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:100674656 Staff Member Ingame Name: US PVT Pope US PFC Hagandaz What They did : i said So after they started shooting me and johnson behind the spawn line we called them out and said they where staff and they said they weren't staff and he told me to make a report so i coppied his name and said that i was being shot behind the spawnline because it said TMod in his name and they johnson went off and i switched to Tali and they i was going to go off but hagandaz wanted me to stay on for a bit longer and then Pope warned me for OOC Disrespect me for saying "your mom" a long time ago to Bobby as a joke Acceptable Punishment: I think hagandaz should be talked too and Pope i think needs to be demoted
  4. +support Really nice guy Helps me with stuff i dont understand and i i strongly disagree with him being "disrespectful" and "talking behind people back"
  5. Name: Bobcat Rank: MSGT Activity:on everyday No questions or concerns