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  1. I've been with the 501st on Gaminglight as soon as i got CPL in CT's that was a pretty long time ago and since then I've been able to get 2LT. I'm leaving because of IRL stuff and other online stuff. I'm currently doing a school program online that'll make me graduate December 24th 2019 (i will be 15 by then) So i have to put a lot of work in for that. Not to mention on discord i manage a server with 1k people on. I also am in-charge of a team of moderators on a discord server with over 5 thousand people on it. I have a lot going on if you couldn't tell and I will most likely not be back. twas a good run boys. If for any reason you wish to contact me I respond fastest on discord and my tag is Epic#4655. Enjoy the your time on the server everyone. Peace. (edit) If you want to add me on steam here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127583519/
  2. -Support Before my LOA he was not a very good clone. Rarely followed orders and went off on his own. I feel like before he becomes anything above his rank he should learn to follow orders first. That is all i have too say.
  3. Epic

    Epic's LOA

    Name: Epic Rank: CSM Dates; 9/17/2018 - 9/23/2018 LOA Reason: Garry's mod is getting a little boring for me because I've been grinding the fuck out of it. I need a little break so it doesn't bore me completely and I give up on it as a whole. Notes: I'll probably hope on the TS once in a while. If you need to contact me the best way you can is Discord. My username is Epic#4655
  4. +Support Tye is a very good solider and i feel like he'll make an amazing Officer. When we're in events together he follows orders and helps me out quite a bit. A huge +support from me.
  5. Epic

    This is my goodbye

    will miss you sad to see you go
  6. 1) In-Game Name: 501st SSGT Epic 0005 / Epic 2) Current Regiment: 501st 3) Current Rank: Command Sergeant Major 4) Playtime on the server: 6 Days. 5) How many warns do you have?: None i believe. I don't break the rules. 6) Why do you wish to be an officer in the 501st Legion? (125 Word's) : I wish to be an officer because I love to lead and help out other teammates. I feel as if I could do more for the 501st Regiment. I'm normally on when the higher ups are off. that's when I see most CPLs on, I wan't to be able to host tryouts without permission. (As it says 2LT+ can in the SOP.) I would love to lead patrols around the ship, calling the movements ect. I always thought that was extremely fun for some reason. others seem to not like it but, I really do like to march around the ship. I've just always wanted to lead a squad and have them follow my orders. I've always wanted to see how I would do. If i do get accepted I would like to see how I am through the trail and see what i could improve. Not only do i want to do this for a better RP experience but i would like to push myself to the "RP limits" you could say. 7) Why should you be trusted with the rank of 2LT? (100 Word's) : Nothing that i say here could instantly gain your trust. I have been in the 501st for a little while now and i hope by now i have gain a little bit of trust from most of the members. I'd consider basically everyone in the 501st a friend and you should trust friends, right? Honestly. I cant really think of anything that would make whoever is ready this give me instant trust. If I'm taking time to write this out it must count for something right? If you have been RPing with me you know that i take it seriously and I work well with others. (Of course there are the non-serious moments.) 8 ) What changes would you like to see and will work for in the regiment?: Right now i feel like everything is fine. Maybe the activity in the troopers should go up but besides that i think everything is fine. 9) Officer Recommendations? (If none write N/A): Captain Rex / Fox, Kix, and Echo. 10) How often can you be on the server with this job?: I'm going to try to be on everyday but If im not able to I'd let a higher up know. 11) Do you have a working mic? (Yes/No) : Yes. 12) What is your timezone?: PST
  7. Name In-Game : Epic Rank In-Game : SSGT Any ULX ranks (Gamemaster, Admin, Donator Ranks) : None. Any changes you want in the 501st : I would like the activity in the troopers to go up.
  8. Epic


    alright im back and ready to start playing everyday again
  9. Epic


    I haven't been on because of stuff going on with my family. I'll start to be on again soon. Hopefully talk to you guys soon. -Epic