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  1. Name: Daemon Rank: BXO Class: 5th Fleet Trooper/Riot Anything you want changed: I’d like to update the bunks some more.
  2. I would like to see specific ranks+ (officer or up) getting the knife so there aren't a bunch of minges running around with it, that way it also signifies the players rank. The knife could also be used for silent attacks while doing recon, emergency roleplay medical procedures, a last resort if out of ammo, general close range attack, and as it is a small weapon it can be hidden easily. Enemies could also use these during events when doing quiet infiltration without wanting to alert large numbers of people and taking hostages. Im sure if given time, people would find more uses of them.
  3. Well the Commando Knife itself should do for now at least, granting those to officer+ would be alright. Just about any plain-looking knife could be called a Vibro-Blade too. Originally the Jedi used katana-like weapons instead of lightsabers, and with custom lore just about anything can work.
  4. The Commando Knife are great, but the more variations and such the better. I'd even like to see swords or something in particular cases maybe. They don''t necessarily have to be directly from Clone Wars lore, anything sci-fi ish should do fine.
  5. The Commando Knife would be an excellent example, but I would hate to stop there. The Commando Knife would best be an example of a special knife for specific ranks. Knives were standard-issue for clones, so having some that can be bought or awarded depending on rank (and maybe personalized) would be a no-brainer.
  6. I think Troopers should have some kind of melee weapon, different sorts depending on rank/branch/ect. Something akin to the Darksaber the Mandolorians had, or Vibro-Blade type weapons (useful for emergency medical operations as well). I would like it if these weapons weren't limited to only knives. Throwing, blocking, or attacking with these could add a new edge to combat.