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  1. I'm pretty sure you're thinking of PoliceRP CHIKEN or however he spells his name
  2. Yeah I'll stop by in sandbox from time to time. For the discord you would need to @ me since I have everything else muted in there. Did I hear SWAT?
  3. Well my time has finally ended on this server, and all I can say is that it was a fun experience. I joined this server last summer when it was thriving from summer break and I had a lot of fun being an enlisted. Honestly I never expected to rise the ranks so fast and I didn't think I would get as far as I did today. I normally don't try to get involved that much into servers but this is the second server I've gotten so invested in (first being my tf2 jailbreak server). This has also been my very first MilitaryRP experience and it has been a pleasant one for sure. I'm glad to have met all of you and share all kinds of experiences together. This server has actually made me a bit more confident on my leadership skills and has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, by giving orders and socializing with the other officers. I've tried to get myself involved with everything on the server (except not really much on RU), including staff and event team (while it was still called that). Throughout the year I've been here, I've witnessed this server slowly decay and then come back but then decay again, which was honestly pretty sad and made it difficult to continue my commitment towards the server. Now I'm starting to take steps towards my career of joining the gaming industry. I have a new job now and I plan to be working on projects over the summer so I doubt I can maintain my activity as I did in the past. Even if I did decide to stay and end up having to miss days, it wouldn't look good to see an inactive USAF VCMDR and ChiefMP on the roster, so I'm going to be opening a space for someone who's ready for that responsibility. I'll probably drop by every now and then, and I still need to check out 1944 RP but I probably wouldn't expect seeing me as active as I was. Well it's time for the thank yous to people: Quinn - I wanted to start off with you since we pretty much spent a lot of our time ranking up together. It really was a great time with you and I hope to see you continue to rise the ranks (#QuinnforGEN). Even though we were in our separate main branches, we were together in Military Police and watched the other person's back to keep them from murdering all the minges. I know you are also really committed to the server and it'll be difficult to keep that commitment in the future, but do the best you can now and remember...EVERYONE CONTINUE TO SALUTE QUINN EVEN IF HE SAYS AT EASE Brandon - Thank you for being a great BG for USAF. I don't think we talked that much until I became an officer but it was a great time. We shared a lot of memories and talked about our own personal pasts, which was fun. It was really funny how both you and North kept pushing me to apply for MAJCOM. I know you'll be resigning soon as well but good luck on getting GEN if possible! Androntel - We didn't really start off on the right foot when we first met (you arrested me, some officers, and 1 or 2 generals during a lockdown) but after I joined MP, I learned what type of person you really were. It was great to become one of the people you trusted with MP high command and INSCOM Commander. Some of Tempest's and your methods can be a bit extreme, but I still think you're a great MG of MP. North - It was really great meeting you man and you've made some huge changes to USAF such as MAJCOM. The only concern I would have is you're becoming more inactive than me (and that's saying something). Honestly as it is right now, USAF isn't in great condition, but I fully believe you and Lawrence will be able to bring it back. Also you guys have Brandon to yell at you when you do something wrong so I'd say USAF is in safe hands. In the 2 days I've been on the server because of my resignation from staff, I've been able to train 3 more recruits to join USAF, even when I was the only one of the server, so it's entirely possible to bring it back. Ace - Not even sure if you're going to read this but I'd say it's safe to say you still hold the title of #1 pilot in USAF. It was great talking to you and learning that we actually had more in common than we thought. I personally looked up to you in USAF because of your great combat and flying skills so it was sad when you left. Anyway, take care man and continue providing that amazing content on stream. Scheffer - I knew MilitaryRP would be taken in the right direction when you became Manager. You delivered on a lot of promises and gave amazing content to MilitaryRP. With 1944RP now out, I'm concerned with the future of MilitaryRP but if you guys have a plan to save it, then I hope it goes well. However, in my opinion I feel 1944RP and MilitaryRP will turn out to be how Clone Wars and Jedi v Sith will go, where the playerbase will be split and one of the 2 will have to be removed or drastically changed. Other than that, you're a great Manager and I'm looking forward to the future of both 1944RP and MilitaryRP. It was fun being a Senior Moderator and Wardogg under you. Lawrence - Even as an enlisted I knew you would be a great soldier and friend. The way you're able to carry yourself and others is a great example of how soldiers should be. You make a great role model for other USAF soldiers and I hope to see you rise the ranks. You have both North and Brandon there to help you in the future so work together and create a great future for USAF. Sam - Once again, not sure if you're even going to read this but I wanted to put this here. You were a fun BG in marines and you took the marines to great heights. I'll never forget the day you gave me Shadow Daggers despite my denials but it made me really happy when you did and honestly kept me in the community a bit longer as I was losing motivation to stay during that time. That allowed me to realize that I am making an impact on this server and I wanted to help it grow and make it better than ever. Good luck in PoliceRP man and I hope things go well for you Zach - You give off the same vibe as Lawrence and I know you'll quickly rise the ranks. Don't let the power get to your head and you'll make a great officer and maybe even a commander if you stay long enough in 1944RP. Jay - You've been through a lot man. Just hold your head high and continue walking forward. You'll have those moments where you won't know where to go, and in those moments it's important to keep a close group of friends to be there for you in your time of need. If something's going on and you see me in ts, you can talk to me about anything and I'll hear you out Danny - So I totally didn't forget you but thank you for being a great GEN. You knew how to wager your responsibility with fun, and you were a lot of fun. I won't forget those fanfic nights before officer meetings, and getting scarred by Dora. I had a good time being around you and I'm sure everyone else who was around you had fun as well. I'll miss those good times but keep up the great work and continue being you That's everyone I can remember that have made some kind of impression so I'm sorry if I forgot anyone Thank you guys for this amazing experience and I'll be stopping by a few times to see how things have changed Also here's a nice picture of my final moments in the server
  4. In-Game Name: Chicken SteamID: STEAM_0:0:102719138 Rank: Senior Moderator Reason for leaving: I can't get on the server anymore Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes
  5. Accepted Speak with a LTC+ to be trained. Congratulations!
  6. United States Airforce Roll Call Due to inactivity within the enlisted, we are calling a roll call to make sure that you guys still play on the server. Respond with the format below. Name: Rank: Roster Status: If you are inactive, please state why Roll Call Ends on April 13th, 2019. Failure to respond will result in removal
  7. United States Military Police Roll Call Required for all USMP PVT+. Follow the Format Below. Name: Rank: Roster Status: Main Branch: Roll Call Ends on April 13th, 2019. Failure to respond will result in removal from the United States Military Police
  8. On Hold Awaiting more responses from community
  9. -Chicken-

    Jets LOA

    Noted But keep in mind you should only post a LOA if you're gonna be gone for more than 3 days
  10. Well actually he put his main branch rank instead of his MP rank. His MP rank is RCT