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  1. Well things happen and we respect your decision. You're always the best pilot and an inspiration for me in USAF. I hope we get to spend more time together in the future. I'll probably be dropping in on your streams from time to time.
  2. Well I have a bit of a long week ahead of me at school so I don't think I'll be able to get on Garry's Mod since I'll be coming home later than usual everyday. Things should return back to normal on 1/21 or 1/22/19. Until then, I should be able to make meetings on ts
  3. Name: Chicken Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:102719138 Support Rank: Support+ Staff Rank: Senior Moderator In your opinion, are you active in support? Yes because I try to get on everyday and when I do get on, I try to stay on for a few hours
  4. Name: Chicken Rank: AChief / INSCOM Commander Roster Status: Active Main Branch: USAF
  5. Jobs such as Security Officer and INSCOM don't have access to a floppy disk or hacking device. I understand that the Security Officer can't use a hacking device but they get their own unique computer, but are unable to put a floppy disk in it. INSCOM doesn't really need any explanation other than the fact that they need to hack security systems during a raid (if any are set up). Actually INSCOM should also get a computer so they can create hacks since the Security Officer can't create them.
  6. IN-GAME NAME: USMP IC AChief Chicken RANK: AChief / INSCOM Commander BRANCH: Military Police CURRENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Take charge of INSCOM missions and duties while assisting the Chief of MP (Quinn) with normal MP duties. Enforce rules inside the US base to prevent minges and any other type of threat from harming the US. Watch over officers/low command to keep them in check
  7. However, mining entrances cause lag for the entire server
  8. -Chicken-

    Quinn's LOA

    well still enjoy your break
  9. -Chicken-

    Quinn's LOA

    Noted Enjoy your Christmas
  10. lol welcome back but the server hasn't really changed much since you left