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  1. -Support Everyone's gonna be running around with M249's, gonna defeat the purpose of having other weapons. It should be like AWS which got nerfed heavily. Giving LMG's to the public would heavily defeat the reason of buying a CC in the first place.
  2. +/- Support +Will be useful and will make it easier to look at bases. -Could probably be a little annoying for the eyes depending on which props it is used on(?)
  3. +Support Will make it easier to dupe stuff. Optimized. Will reduce time needed to weld things and more flexibility.
  4. -Support Warns over a year are not appeal able. In this case I wouldn't be surprised if you were banned for spamming things if there was a warning for NSFW and etc.
  5. +Support Reasons above. Clear player diss ig.
  6. +Support This man should get a medal for how many he has.
  7. Gonna miss you dude, hope you succeed further in staff! Good luck!
  8. PD has a mind of it's own. Bomb no more problem solved.
  9. -Major Support You guys were clearly being mingy and on top of that you were body blocking at 0:20, they had all rights to kill you. Alongside that you guys clearly weren't listening to their commands even though you're supposed to comply when under government's vision when in cuffs. This wouldn't be any different if DOC was on, they would've done the same thing.