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  1. He's a returning player, I don't think he needed that day ban regardless. His other warnings are pretty old, so the ban shouldn't have been handed out in the first place.
  2. +Support -Didn't deserve a ban, he didn't get 10 warnings IN a day.
  3. I've realized since before TrueNorth map, we had a Audi that was able to fit 5 people, now it's gone? ngl, was one of the best cars to use back then on PoliceRP for criminal activities. Also probably a better option than the ripoff 250mil mercedes.
  4. +Support - Agreed because it's literally almost like a death row sentence when it comes to raids at CQC. You'll be gunned down in 3 seconds in which I agree that either the fire rate should be changed or DPS. - Experience of being gunned down with 255 armor by a negev.
  5. +Support Younger people do have a tendency of immaturity, but as you get older you change and become more mature. It's just human nature, that's all.
  6. -Support -Any suppressed weapon should be illegal as it can be used to hide malicious activity. (unless it's government classes)
  7. My input isn't required here, and I never shot him. If I did, show logs or other form of evidence. alongside that, it seems he admits to it so.
  8. Trust me, there's been worst scenarios where I beat him. But we won't talk about that.
  9. It wasn't a hit lol, if it was it would have the "HIT ACCEPTED" or some shit like that. Both of those classes aren't even hitman sooo. Also as I mentioned earlier, Aaron had no right to shoot me either way. Because as you can see he stood in the way on purpose and didn't leave the scene, which would also be a count of copbait but it's not necessary.
  10. Your in game name: SupremeLord Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:182564227 The player's in game name: Hunters | Aaron Faustin The player's steam ID (required): Hunter's ID:STEAM_1:0:182542409 (cannot find Aaron's) What did the player do: RDM & COMBAT HEAL Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: A warning Any extra information: As far as background goes, I RTB'd to go AFK as I was gonna eat. But I was still at my seat, so therefore I sat and watched the screen. However later on, as shown in the video I get RDM'd for ABSOLUTELY NO reason and without any adverts. It's also shown that both suspects are NOT in the same family, nor are they in one. And there was no reason for Aaron Faustin (suit) to start shooting at me, as he was in the cross-fire and he chose to stay in the midst of the firefight instead of driving away after the shooting had began.