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  1. Here are the files for the 91st CGI skins. There quite cool and much cleaner than the ones we originally have. I would like to change our sniper skins to the ones with the cloaks due to the fact that they look much better and more like sniper skins. I understand we cant remove our helmets with these models but I dont think its that much of a problem. I would also like to replace the Commander Neyo skin.
  2. +Support In my opinion I think that its unfair that the 91st don't get snow trooper skins. I'm not trying to complain but I think we should be treated the same everyone else and also get better weapons for our classes.
  3. +MEGASUPPORT spike is a cool guy and we all make mistakes now and then. I don't think he should be blacklisted because that seems to harsh. We are only human and like to have fun sometimes.