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  1. Name: Harry Rank: 2LT Reason for LOA (You can put Private if needed): School, driving lessons plus work keeps me very busy lately. Duration: 4 days
  2. This suggestion doesn't make any sense what so ever. Security already has enough problems as it is and a D-class heavy, longshot or bowman (like is this kingdomRP now?) is really not going to make anything better. If anything I don't think D-class should have a buff they either need a minor nerf or stay the way they are now. -support from me
  3. What a lad. You got this my dutch friend. +support from me!
  4. Brother you deserve this shit. Your app is amazing too! definetly a +support from me!
  5. +support from me! I hope you get this man. You deserve it!
  6. In Game Name: Harry Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88449594 Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Red Right Hand If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: I do not have a prefrence. I follow who I need to follow. How many Strikes do you have: 0 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: So.. I don't want to make this cheap explaining, so instead I'll just say this. I LOVE to roleplay I LOVE serious roleplay and I LOVE all of these people on the server. And so I feel like this is my opportunity to help this server out on it's road to the top 10. Because what most people look in roleplaying is that feeling that you are actually in that certain scenario that your character is in. And so I think that being around the 05 council members will encourage the rest of the server to start being roleplay serious too! More than they are now. Because let's be real here everybody starts being serious when 05 is around. And like I said I LOVE that shit. It's amazing. Just amazing. I'm afraid there aren't enough words to describe how much I love this. So, I hope that this has shown my expression about this new cool update enough. Why should we accept you: Okay so, there is going to be a massive amount of people who will want this job that are waaay more known around the server and are just genuinely good at what they do. So all I ask for is a chance. A chance to show that I can do this and that I will do my absolute best to make this the best time everyones had on the server! And I think this job is really fitting in with my personality too! I am even willing to sacrifice one of my lives to get this job. I will be happy for everyone that will reach this job. And for the people that are trying to get in I wanna say. Get ready folks because you're gonna be in for a big treat if you make this and good luck y'all!
  7. Hate to see you go Kiddo, you were a good LCMD member. (btw baguette will never take me alive lmao) Harry
  8. Name: Harry Rank: CPL FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Good job on the activeness, not everyone realizes this but without security a lot of people wouldn't be able to do their stuff. So good job everyone!
  9. I don't feel the SCP server anymore and I am kind of interested in other games at the moment. I might join from time to time but I just didn't feel like it would be worth staying on the Nu7. MTF Nu7 LCPL Carlson.
  10. +Active +Good soldier boy +Follows dem orders US 501st COL Carlson
  11. So I'm quitting GENSEC I don't enjoy security anymore and I mainly want to focus on MTF. SFC Carlson
  12. Okay so I feel like I have to do this since I do not play on 1944rp anymore lately and I've deticated myself to SCPrp. And so I don't think I should be keeping this major slot. Anyway for the small time I've been on 1944rp I had a good time with friends but the server itself just isn't my cup of tea. So thanks for the good time and hope to see ya'll another time ? (P.s I may hop on from time to time I just don't want this major rank cuz I'm not active enough)