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  1. If you turn alittle bit with this car then its gonna freaking drift like crazy please fix it!
  2. I dont know if this was suggested before but it could be nice if you guys add gun skins or knifes to the server, so you can spend more money
  3. I sold my car for 1 million (my car cost 1 mil) but when i sold it i got nothing, please i need my cash that i got from my car I dont have any screenshot or video proof because i do not record my game
  4. I just spawn my car in and the first he do is to ram it like 10 times until i got mad and shot his car. Just some seconds after he killed me and when I respawn he tried to kill me again. Fleet Admiral Overlord Sam
  5. When i told him to stop, then he left really fast
  6. Your In-game: Hans Jeken Your SteamID: 76561198115642559 The player's name in-game: [DarkRP] Shlock Holmes™ changed their RPName to: Dexter Plyers The player's steam name (If you know it): did not have time before he left What did the player do: Spawnkill everyone and even people who just spawn in. For about 5 min Evidence (REQUIRED): i did not have time cus he left fast What do you believe should happen to the player: Give him a big fat warn
  7. I was walking and then a person ran to me and was about to type something, i ran away and then in chat it says mug but the person was 10 meters away. There started shooting at me and i shot back, the staff came and said i could not do that cus he mug you but i said that i was 10 meters away from him after i had 2 xp left then the admin said that i could shot back. Thank you dear admin for let me shot back -no hate