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  1. Name: Lil Ben Rank: SO Why: I love doing my job. I enjoy protecting the president and helping all government officials. I like the kind of roleplay it adds to the game and I enjoy doing my job. I listen to my higher ups and make sure I do what is wanted of me. I am also very active at coming to meetings. I have been active , and trying to improve. I have learned things in this community due to being present to help protect the president. I think I will work in the next sub districts to come. My internet was out for a week and now I'm back up and ready to do my job. Activity Level: Semi-Active
  2. In Game Name: Lil Ben SteamID:STEAM_0:1:117335357 Server:Police RP Custom Job Name: The Mafia Color of Job:222,7,28 Job Description: A new group that will organized crime in the city ,and is against other gangs or groups of organized crime Model: Weapons: tfa_csgo_M249,tsa_csgo_Desert Eagle Lockpick or Medkit: Med_kit Criminal or Government: Criminal