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  1. If you read what I wrote I tried to go to a building and run back to town till I was tazed in the back
  2. I have to completely agree I see him on everyday and the people I see saying who are you I rarely see you on
  3. -Support In the MOTD under the martial law section it does not say you have to be inside of a building for the 30 mins while its up and the red bar at the top does not say return to your homes thats what the lockdown procedure is for. I said "What are you going to do arrest me for being homeless" and started to run away back to town (we were at white house) because I had no car. Then you taze me in the back and I thought it was detaining and you searched and arrested me for a class 3 firearm but you had no right whats so ever to search me in the first place. IRL if you were to do that you would get put on administrative leave with probably no pay for unnecessary use of force and police brutality. You said 2 people ran up to you and said I had a gun but you had no evidence and you need evidence in order to properly search someone legally and you didn't get consent or anything from me to search and you illegally detained me. So the RDA warn in my opinion is completely necessary.
  4. -Support... really In future references just accept the jail time and cooperate.. you would be put faster than arguing and wasting time just more time in cuffs. Smh
  5. +Support obvious lol we not gonna talk about the CC taking that long to kill a cop just off combat his CC should be permanently deleted lol jk but holy shit
  6. +Support Pretty clear.... every post put in report center munchies writes a fucking book I love it
  7. Have to agree that's no where close to staff disrespect come on I feel your just trying to rub shit in his face this was petty And as you said he wasnt in payday so why did you raid with him? In my opinion you should be warned for failrp and btw when you post something like this it isnt wise to constantly argue with people in the comments Good luck Noah