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  1. Does that mean Hades Squad Tryouts?
  2. You may know me as Zoid/Blitz/Artyum/Pavel, whatever... Today is the day i'm fully Resigning of my Current Rank of Commander Blitz and SSGT of 74th. There are many reasons of why I am resigning from SWRP, one of them is because of the Amount of stress pilled up onto my shoulders which was one of the Major problems I couldn't handle anymore. Since day 1, I was putting my all into what I was doing, from 501st, to ARC, to 104th, to 74th, and ARC BCO. I worked so much just to gain this position and from the start, people were so nice, and they still are, but I feel as if I am working so much for this server all to be nothing. I am resigning from my Position mainly because of all the same reason the higher ups resigning, I am just done with all this. It was fun while it lasted friends! Cassius: I trust you with leading Rancor ARC Snail: I trust you with taking the Rank of BCO Gaur: You are a Great manager for GL Mike: Very great staff member Eman: You are one of the Best SMT I have seen Invaliff: You were a Great Commander and an even greater ARC Trooper Science: Sorry I ate that brain, my bad Nor: I hope you will be the Greatest 5th Fleet BCO that existed Lor: Don't get Lynched again Jaeger: You were a Great Commander when it lasted Goofy: Great LTG and a Hades Squad Leader Bravo: Great LTG and Great leader Victus: You were an amazing BCO For ARC And 187th Khalain: Best Speeches Fox: Great Medical BCO, you are Toast: You are an amazing Jedi and I hope you can be even better Stormzz: Great Staff, Yes, very Great Hoovy: Don't mess up being a BCO William K: Very Great GM and Grand General Mercy: One of the best Rancor ARF I have seen ALEX: You are great at ARC And have great Potential in Leading And Horrible mentions: Mero, Wolffe, Caboose, Corbin, Reborn, Borith, Soul, Jano, Mole, Lxrd, Cortez, Campell, Spooks. If I missed anyone, its my bad, I have horrible memory. If you Want to talk to me, just DM me on Discord Its Been Fun guys, see ya in the future! This is Rancor ARC BCO Commander Blitz, Signing off. Bye!
  3. -Support -Not very detailed -looks rushed -No poll