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  1. Just like what hoovy said you did to much for the server and you do not deserve the stress the players put on you. - Blizzard
  2. Steam Name - [GL] MyBroFrosty In Game Name - Blizzard RP Rank - Brigadier General Battalion(s) you command - 38th and Stealth How often can you be on? - almost everyday unless on rare occasion
  4. MyBroFrosty

    ARC/Rancor SOP

    ARC/Rancor [1-27-2019] Created By: Blizzard. Approved by: Colt, Havoc, Blitz, and Hammer “Rule #1 we fight TOGETHER” [This SOP may be changed at any time] Table of Contents Section #1 - Who are the ARC Troopers? Section #2 - How do you join? Section #3 - Rules for ARC. Section #4 - Training and Certifications. Section #5 - Code of Silence. Section #6 - ARC on the Battlefield. Section #7 - Organization of ARC. Section #1 Who are the ARC troopers? Who are the ARC troopers? ARC trooper are Advanced Recon Commandos. They are highly trained troopers that fight and work together. ARC troopers are usually put in charge of a mission most clones are unwilling to handle. Section #2 How do you join? Before thinking of becoming ARC you must be at least SGT+ Rancor is SSGT+. (Joining as an Officer you will be put down 1 Rank) ARC/Rancor Tryouts happened every saturday at 4pm EST. What the tryouts consist of - Faces Formations Physical Training Course with scenarios Simulations Trigger Discipline We expect you to be able to pass all situations with tactical precision and communication with your fellow troopers. You will have 1 warning per section and two strikes total, and If given two strikes during tryouts you will be automatically kicked from the tryouts. Section #3 Rules for ARC. In ARC we expect to keep up to the expectations placed for you by following all rules set in ARC. General Rules: You must be willing to communicate with each other Must listen to higher ups and the ARC Commanders Minging will not be tolerated Must be active for your respective ARC battalion Must be matured and not mic spam, ask clearly irrelevant questions, rp during duty hours (defcon 5) and during events Don’t try to abuse your status as ARC, this will result in a strike/removal Consequences: If you are striked twice you will be removed from ARC If you are removed from ARC twice you will be blacklisted for 3 tryouts (3 weeks) if removed a third time then you’ll be blacklisted until further notice Respect your brothers, player/battalion diss will result in demotion or expulsion from ARC Stealing another troopers equipment/ammo will result in a warn/strike RP Rules: Must follow the rule of silence until 2LT All ARC get a +10 in all /me interactions When performing an action, for example, fixing the engines, you must rp it out and use /me and be trained in that field Jetpack: Jetpack cannot be used unless defcon 2 or lower [Defcon 3 with permission] Abuse of a jetpack will result in a strike/demotion We recommend it to be used as a means of getting over obstacles Section #4 Training and Certifications. In ARC we will help make sure are trained in everything you are capable of doing Jetpack: You will be eligible to use a Jetpack during battle situations Basic Medical: You will be trained to be able to do basic on field medic work Engineering/EOD: ARC are considered to be the second response team under 38th so you will be able to do mechanical and explosive work Vehicles: ARC are eligible to get trained to drive AT-RT’s and BARC Speeders Pilot: We will help you to get pilot certified to be able to fly transport and fighters We will be doing weekly training that involves all eligible certification to keep you at top performance Section #5 Code of Silence Once in ARC you will have to follow The ARC Code of Silence until you reach the rank of 2LT. The Code Of Silence resembles ones fortitude to operate in silence. This Code Of Silence will also show just how mature the trooper is, by allowing the trooper to demonstrate self-control and Integrity. Situations where you can speak - Speaking to an 2LT+ and fellow ARC but for only legitimate purposes Giving emergency call outs for missions and or on ship attacks If you are in a private room with whoever you wish to speak with If you are caught breaking the code of silence you will be handed a strike depending on situation. Section #6 ARC on the Battlefield. On the battlefield, a ARC trooper must be confident in his/her ability to carry out commands, and to eliminate the enemy. But, in doing all of these task, the trooper must exercise caution for the surrounding environment, and possibly brothers around him. A ARC trooper must also be versatile and be a well-rounded trooper. In being a well-rounded trooper, you must also be able to take flight with your jetpack, while remaining true to your aim. The jetpack will allow the ARC trooper to remove friendly fire from the equation. In doing this the ARC trooper can comfortably take shots and fire from a vantage point above the enemies. The jetpacks also allows for easy transportation around the battlefield, making you even more versatile. Just because you are ARC doesn't mean you do whatever you want, stick to your commanding officer. Section #7 Organization of ARC ARC was organized so we can cover all fields of work and so ARC can perform to the best of their abilities. Commander Colt - Head of all operations in ARC Commander Havoc - Head of all regimental assault ARC [ 501st & 212th ] Commander Blitz - Head of all regimental specialist ARC [ 104th, 41st & Stealth ] BXO Hammer - Head of Rancor ARF Regimental ARC Leads - High Ranking ARC troopers assigned to lead specific regimental ARC If you need anyone in ARC/Rancor we are usually in channel 2 on the radio. You must follow you assigned commanders orders no matter what. If your commander isn't on you still have to listen to the other commanders if active.
  5. Name: Blizzard SteamID: STEAM_0:0:125360410 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Captain (Granted permission from Grand General Falcon and General Plague) Why do you want to be a general?: My goal ever since I joined this server was to find a way to become a BG no matter what and how long it took. I always wanted to be general on here because I always felt this satisfaction with helping others when it came with assisting them there training and anything else. For example, I have been putting major effort into Rancor with there SOP's and whatever else that needs to happen and i'm barely 2LT but its what I enjoy doing. I have also gotten to know the Low/High command team and I never have seen such a friendly and organized team ever for example my current commander Pacer is also going for BG and I will love to be apart of a team with such dedicated RP'ers that are like me and will do whatever they can to make sure the experience stays great. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I believe I deserve this rank because I've been finding myself helping out with whatever regiments I was with. For example like I mentioned before I created the ARC/Rancor SOP with the help of the CO's not because they asked me because I felt we needed it because at the time we had problems with troopers not knowing they actual rules and now they know. My time on this server I realized have been me volunteering my time assisting others like whenever Commander Spike would do training with low number of officers I would ask if he needed help keeping the troopers focused and he would accept and I think him for the experience. I also like to believe I have the maturity and the ability to not be able to fall for special treatment and or to not be "power hungry" like I see many people become once they get BG. I also am always willing to listen to anyone's opinions/complaints without taking them to heart and using them effectively to further improve whatever needs to be worked on. If I become BG I will understand that I am there to advise and to command only if assigned and or necessary NOT to dictate every action the regiment takes because the commander are still mainly in charge of keeping there regiment in check. How often can you be online?: I have been online everyday for at least 3-4 hours unless at my fathers or other occasions How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: 2
  6. + Support - Active - Friendly - The longest running CO - Amazingly Mature - Respected by all
  7. What is your in-game name?: Blizzard What is your steam name?: [GL] MyBroFrosty What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:125360410 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) I have been staff on multiple server for example I was a Admin for the server named Agony Nation and I also was a Moderator for Eclipse Gaming Networks. What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) Beginning of June What date did you make your forums account? june 29/ 2018 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? User How many warns do you have on the server? 2 Have you donated? No What rank are you applying for? Trial-Moderator Have you read the staff guidelines at You will be tested on it: I have read and understood the handbook Timezone: Pacific Standard Permission (Admin+ need this): Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I personally believe that I have been heavily dedicated to this server and the community. I already have done my share of work as an officer in Rancor and I feel like I am ready to tackle some more work. I taken my time to truly see this community and how it runs before I decided to apply for staff. The players on this server are AMAZING and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure there experience in the server goes as smoothly as possible. There was a time when I first joined this server where I was somewhat "mingy" but I changed my ways and now I try my best to try to set an example for other players to keep them from doing what they shouldn't be doing How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? Assuming were already in a sit before I do anything I would check the logs to see who and how many people they have RDM'ed as I try to politely calm them down. Once determining how many players have been RDM'ed I will hand out the appropriate punishment for example if they killed 2 I would jail and minge them for 300 seconds but if they didn't top cursing I would add the additional time With the reason of Staff Disrespect| Mass RDM | FailRP | NITRP |. After while i'm still on duty I will mentally note them down and keep an eye on them to make sure they don't continue this behavior.
  8. +support I think this will be a good addition because it will troopers something more as a end goal to look forward to then just getting normal ARC and it will be an interesting way to further ARC troopers potential
  9. + Support - Active - Great soldier - Good leadership