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  1. Maki : COL reason: today I go in to work at 5am to 1PM ( Pacific (meeting starts at 12:30 for me)) however I will be able to get on today =^~^=!! i understand
  2. Name: Maki Rank: COL Strikes: 1 Status(ex. Active, LOA, etc): LOA (unless removed)
  3. Hello, I currently got another job again and now working two jobs. The times are random each week so I can’t say if I’ll be on in the morning or late nights. However I will try to get on anytime I can! I will not be able to do the COL needs since there won’t be much people on during the time I’d be able to get on. Also will be very difficult to attend meetings. I fully support a demotion if needed.
  4. Maki COL October 14th i understand
  5. Maki : COL Meeting(s) You can't attend: today ( September 30th) I Promise to speak to and Officer to get details of the meeting: (Put understood): I understand
  6. Name and Rank: Maki COL  Meeting(s) You can't attend: today (September 9th)  I Promise to speak to and Officer to get details of the meeting: I understand
  7. Hello! Sadly I go into work at 3 today and my lunch isnt until 7 ;-; so i wont be able to make it to this meeting. (Pasific time) From Maki
  8. No problem =^-^= I believe people said there was others that had ACR as well if im correct.
  9. What does that mean :o? You get a perm acr? I wasnt aware of it when me and Arnald Duck were testing out weapons and i had him suggest a gun i should pick then i gave zeeptin the gun duck suggested to me.
  10. It was suppose to have the cw_g4p_awm but it wasnt workin so you had me pick another one. I was testing out guns with Arnald Duck. I couldnt figure one out so i had duck suggest one to me and he picked ma85_wf_ar20
  11. Hello, I offically believe my job is bugged. Im still not receiving the other weapon that was suppose to be added onto the class.
  12. Maki :P

    Drone Suggestion

    Hello, I think Cargo drones should be allowed to be donated for Custom Jobs. They dont give any power beside being able to pick up vehicles or those ammo kits you buy in the F4 menu. Maybe Medic support drones too?
  13. I semi attended the meeting for 7/8/18. I can’t make every meeting if I work that day. My days off change every week. *Maki*
  14. So at first i was just gonna replace the AWM with the AS50. But i decided to just add the AS50 and keep the AWM so i paid another $10. Intotal $20 to add the weapon instead of replacing