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  1. What is your In-game name and Teamspeak name? Ralex/Mini What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:91337283 What is your rank? Junior Medical Officer / Lieutenant Colonel Do you have a mic? Yes How many warns do you have? Show proof please (Picture of warns, by doing !warns in chat and then taking a screenshot) 3 (Pic at bottom) Why do you want to be an Executive Officer in Venator Crew? (200+ minimum. The more the better) I have been with medical for a while now. Since I was a CT CPL I had wanted to become medical but it was simply not “Worth it” or “Big” at the time. Now that I know I can make a difference with medical I am applying. I want to be an Executive Officer in Venator Crew because I want to help lead troopers and train them. I want to become the Chief Medical Officer so that I can teach people about medical and lead them so that they can become medics themselves and save troopers lives. I have been with the server for nearly a year now and I see this as a way of giving back. I’ve met many people and made many mistakes over the time I’ve been with Gaminglight but I believe that through helping others and fixing my mistakes I can help lead SWRP in a good direction. I have been commander 4 times and was recently removed from general. I have been in nearly every regiment in the server including those which are no longer in the server. I have been medical since GuyScience was Commander Cody (Love you Science). I have minged and had no intent to role play in the past but that is not who I am anymore. Now I just want to help the server as much as I can. It was Omega who got me to apply for general and now it is Omega who is getting me to apply for Chief Medical Officer. He and Science are two of the few people I look up to in Gaminglight. And I want to be someone that others can look up to and trust as much as I do them. (Didn't know if the 200+ was words or characters so instead I did 308 words and 1,531 characters) Do you understand that a secondary interview may be required IF you do get accepted? Yes Why should we choose you over applicants? (Minimum of 150+ words) You should choose me over other applicants because I take my role seriously. I do not abuse my power and I have experience in leadership. Although I am playful when it comes down to it I get my work done and in the end I usually don’t make enemies. I help people as much as I can and I help the server as well. I am not what I would consider “Well-Known” amongst the community but I believe the people who do know me enjoy the company. I see myself as an outgoing under encouraged yet achieving member of the community. And I believe that as an Venator Crew Executive Officer I can help the server become a better place and give a more open welcome to others allowing them to enjoy the server more than some do. And I hope that if I do make it to Executive Officer that I will not let y’all down and will keep the server a fun place to be. (Again didn't know if it was words or characters so I just did 185 words and 932 characters) Have you read the Venator Crew guidelines and SOP? Most of it Do you agree to uphold the Republic oath to maintain and assist all troopers and superiors in there needs? Yes Do you agree to be active on Executive Officer on Venator Crew? Yes Do you understand that you can be removed at any given time? Yes Made by Stormz (Love you Stormzz) (The middle one is kinda stupid because I Attempted RDM with a Training Rifle. Bruh)
  2. 1. Dont respond to your app 2. Might be the times we can both get on
  3. -Support No effort at all Rushed Havn't seen at all until yesterday
  4. +Support Active (Not sure what happened between him and Reapo) Take's control of men when no higher ranks are on Liked by majority of his men - Junior Medical Officer Ralex
  5. Starting: 1/6/19 (Don't know the exact time) Ending: Anywhere between 1/12/19 to 1/14/19 (Maybe sooner if I can) Reason: A lot has been going on recently and I have been planning on posting a LOA. I have not been able to be as active as I'd like to over the past week so I should have posted this sooner but if I can't be back before the 15th then ill make it longer and if I can't return after that I'll be forced to resign as Colonel Gaffa and Major General Ralex Additional Information: I may not be back before the 14th and if I am in no contact with anyone on the 14th or after then consider that my resignation because I will be gone for up to 9 months.
  6. NOOOOO!!!!!! IGNEOUSSSSS!!!!!!!!! We'll miss you and hope you will come back one day.
  7. Im sorry Reapo I'm just stupid
  8. MAJ Ryan is only active on weekends so please add him to the list
  9. I'd just like to point out that Cody says he don't show leadership but you says he does while I don't even talk to him much even though i've seen him on
  10. + Support and Reapo in some ways CMDR is better than BG. In others it is worse. It is completely his choice and may not be because of boredom