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  1. Starting: 1/6/19 (Don't know the exact time) Ending: Anywhere between 1/12/19 to 1/14/19 (Maybe sooner if I can) Reason: A lot has been going on recently and I have been planning on posting a LOA. I have not been able to be as active as I'd like to over the past week so I should have posted this sooner but if I can't be back before the 15th then ill make it longer and if I can't return after that I'll be forced to resign as Colonel Gaffa and Major General Ralex Additional Information: I may not be back before the 14th and if I am in no contact with anyone on the 14th or after then consider that my resignation because I will be gone for up to 9 months.
  2. NOOOOO!!!!!! IGNEOUSSSSS!!!!!!!!! We'll miss you and hope you will come back one day.
  3. Im sorry Reapo I'm just stupid
  4. MAJ Ryan is only active on weekends so please add him to the list
  5. I'd just like to point out that Cody says he don't show leadership but you says he does while I don't even talk to him much even though i've seen him on
  6. + Support and Reapo in some ways CMDR is better than BG. In others it is worse. It is completely his choice and may not be because of boredom
  7. Role Call Name: Fox/Ralex Rank: COL/MG What would you like to see: Maturity throughout our commandants and the rise in our battalion How active are you?: 2-6 hours a day Shadow is on LOA so please excuse him for not responding
  8. Well uh enjoy the stay with your family. Have a great Christmas!
  9. Oh crap your name is shadow XD. I just transferred and gotta change my name already
  10. zackery101

    JMS's BG App

    What's up with you people using someone elses support then tagging yourselves?? XD
  11. +/- Support Active Good Leader Friendly Little effort on app Only a 1LT
  12. +Support My B Been straight since the beginning Good at command Active Deserves a shot -Major General Ralex -501st COL HVYL Hardcase 1011
  13. HUGE +SUPPORT. This man is a beast Even with basic mod he can set up really good bases he did it during minge hour just tonight