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  1. In-Game Name: Kormes Current Rank: Resident Current subdivision (If not in one, respond with N/A): n/a Rate your activity on a 1-10 scale (1 being bad, 10 being very good): 9 Are there any changes you wish to see in medical: better explanations of procdures
  2. Name: Kormes Rank: Cpt How active are you: active about 4-6 days in the week Why should you remain a part of the EMS department: From all the time I have seen this department grow and shrink and I love being a part that makes us grow. It is my favorite thing to watch ems grow. What changes would you like to see: more transparency for warns
  3. Name: Kormes Rank: FR How Active: Active Why should I remain: Because I love being a part of first repones on days I want to change the pace with different vehicles Some changes: Cars Quote
  4. Name: Kormes Rank: FR What recommendations do you have for FR: activity
  5. Name: Kormes Rank: LT What do I think can be improved: Activity, Roster, SOP Update, and FTO Update, Viechles. this is from ender and i agree with it