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  1. Listen guys I've been on the fence for resigning for about three weeks now due to college, on top of my high-school classes, not to mention I've been having to see multiple shrinks for issues I will discuss with people Private if they deserve to know. The last and final reason is due to the political nonsense that's been going on in high command which in part is cause of my unjust high command ban( if your part of the problem you know who you are) I was asked by Samm along time ago if I wanted to help the marines out I said "hell yeah" without question and that's what I've done my branch has the most active and numerous officers of any branch. Excuse me if what I say doesn't make sense or is misspelled because im tearing up as I type this. Also I'm not a very good writer you know if your important. Sam: You are the one that encouraged me to get here and thank you for that because it's been one hell of an ride. You are one of my favorite people and ex LTGs on the server. Brandon: You are a really cool guy, I even looked up at you at one point, even though you banned me from high command without reason. PS: you told me if I put a note on my name i would be fine and the last days I played are Saturday and Sunday. I forgive you nonetheless. War: Stay strong work hard to be better than anyone before you and you'll do great things. Jay: You need to learn how to read a room or you'll become that one person that runs into an elevator rips a massive fart then leaves leaving a massive stench. Hudson: You are at the moment my Favorite LTG of all time because your understanding you, don't care about power, and your a nice guy willing to help anyone out. Anonymous: You forced me to learn how to spell Anonymous. You remind me a lot of my IRL brother never change and stay hella strong my guy. Trever: You were gone for a long time but don't be afraid to stand out. Atom: What can I say your there for me even when you don't want to be. for what it's worth I think your going to be a great CMDR one day. Shadow: your a really loyal guy who puts an alarming amount of work into the server. not to mention you helped me jumpstart the server. Zach: Your a good guy just keep your intentions pure and your nose clean. I'm sorry if your not on here I just couldn't continue.
  2. I've been here for awhile and no longer have the time for it.
  3. The meeting will occur on 8/24/19 at 5PM EST. All USMC members above 1ST lieutenant are required to show up, however if your are below 1ST lieutenant then the dedication may result in promotion. State if you cannot make it and please respond with read and understood.
  4. -has prior experience -is well known in the community -knows how to communicate with all ages
  5. +support -hard worker -team player -supportive -mature You need to add a pole
  6. +support -hard worker -team player -supportive -mature
  7. +support -hard worker -team player -supportive -mature
  8. All NPC spawners of vehicles are broken. Inside of US and RU bases.