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  1. Your In-game: Adam Ashford Your SteamID: 76561198108352387 The admin's name in-game: Prod The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: Player Diss Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Admin Freeze was there when I was falsely warned Why do you think this warn was false: I was getting false demoted once again (nothing new there) so I said this is corruption then I was warned for player diss even as I was explaining that it was not a player diss. Any extra information:
  2. SS is corrupt and disgraceful I simply quit!
  3. I was as always doing my excellent job as an SS. And this FBI guy started acting annoying and did not comply to SS demands on SS WH territory. He was opening the garage doors when I instructed not to do so, he is closing the doors right in front of my face, he is running and screaming in the mic as a 8 year old not giving me chance to communicate with him, I can go on and on... Therefore I ordered him to leave the area (the SS WH) then he refused multiple times (like 50, honestly), then I called an admin and he didint do much about it, so I took matters into my own hands to control the situation. I order the roge FBI to leave (explaining why he must leave) then he refused multiple times (like 30) then I told him "leave or I WILL shoot you. Then I ordered another FBI agent at the scene to use lethal force with me at the count of 3. We took him down finally. I thought everything gonna go back to normal, yet he returns and continues to ignore my demand to leave the area saying " I call on my superiors", still refusing to leave. Then some shootouts here and there, with SS TOM doing nothing about it saying to me to stand down even tho he is the same rank as me and also entering SS fresh (all in the middle of this situation). Then the other FBI agent arrives and starts almost immediately shooting at me, then I in self defense return the fire to him. There are 2 of them and 1 of me so of course I am gund down. With the SS Tom pretending nothing is happening and ignoring my "call" for help. Well I return once again (as it is my job and duty as a SS) and I get bunch of departments who have arrived at the scene at my panic button request as I have stated in the radio "requesting support at Sub WH, we have 2 rogue FBI agents on scene, requesting assistance at sub WH". Then there as I have told you were many agencies with now my superior Ignius on scene. He was glad to demote me immediately even without hearing my side of the events (which he should, if he is planning to demote someone. Especially fully 3 ranks down!) So... here is yet another adventure with the crybabies and the injustice of this server... just do ur job, stand by the rules and you get toast! Well done Gaming Light well done indeed! PS: Thanks Tom for doing absolutely nothing to help the situation out! If you just would agreed to tell him to leave the situation would be completely different! So thanks buddy! You make me proud!
  4. Admin Ruinz has RDM'd me while I was fixing my fence... out of... well who knows out of what - I call it immaturity! I think it is disgraceful that Admins like himself thinks they are above the server rules and abuse power like that - just because they can and think they will get away with it because of their in game status! This game has become... well always was - just like in the sad owners forum post - with admins who abuse the powers and make it not fun... sad! really sad! I like the game you build there yet can't stand such stupidity and ignorance in these people. I am writing this even tho I don't believe it will change a single thing... the game is flooded with childish and generally dumb people (not all tho) who destroy all the fun in seconds. Its like 1 second you are having a blast and the next 10 min you will have hell... (sad face)
  5. Admin strider king has told me (when he was called) that gov officials can pass the red light for "no reason at all" this is after I stopped a EMS truck after it passed the red light without emergency lights. More so the EMS failed to stop at all, only after many... many attempts I managed to stop it and then the EMS driver Neiko P23 called the Admin and he told me this and more so told me if I will stop any gov car in the future passing the red light without the sirens on that I will be possibly demoted... for doing my job! He said "NOBODY CARES" - that's about passing the red light.
  6. You are way too bureaucratic, I gave you all the info I got and even tried to follow your silly report format... yet you keep telling me to make another one. You sir are worse than the bureaucrats at brussels... this is a game and take it as such!
  7. First of all nobody asked you to post your lies here! Second, it is not your forum topic so stop posting... once again - your sad and pointless lies... Go make your own forum topic and spred your stupid and pointless propaganda.. kido!
  8. Restore my PD status that was taken from me just because I was doing my job or I am quitting this game then.
  9. WoW the level of stupidity here is amazing!
  10. To add on top of all of this fun... Kitty has demoted me for doing my job and enforcing the marshal law. I got demoted because I parked my car outside the gun shop (on public property), doing my job and as I have stated enforcing the marshal law. I was standing there (exactly there) because there were 3 citizens refusing to go to their homes so I continued to (DO MY JOB) and tell them 1000-times in cam and firm voice to return to their homes... 2 of the gun dealers that had a shop there didn't like the fact that I was standing right besides their shop and kept complaining about it to my higher up "Kitty" she told me to "go on patrol" I responded "I am on patrol" and not like her I was actually doing my job not like her siding with civilians on things they have 0 say in. This is corruption and abuse of power! I have served my PD long time and in full devotion... then to find out that I am completely removed from PD makes me rethink my position on women as a whole...
  11. Aso now I am noticing one more warn that I actually most likely should also not have on my record. I was told if I recall that as a new player (just when I have joined the server, if I recall it correctly) that I have been given a verbal/oral warning yet still it is there...
  12. Sure you were there... its 100% clear that Yobo has just called Dane to clear up his story... so desperate and stil continues to prove my point of u being unwell! How do I check my warns?
  13. How do I check my warns?
  14. Got Warned AdminName - (how the hell should I remember?) - False Warn Report Questions Your In-game: Adam Ashford Your SteamID: 76561198108352387 The admin's name in-game: Don't remember The admin's steam name (If you know it): How the hell should I ever... ever know that info. What warning did you receive: 1. Using bad language 2. Failing fear RP (or something along those lines) Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): What do you mean EVIDENCE? Don't you have a warn database or something? I believe he said it will be a written warning even though I asked at least a oral one. Why do you think this warn was false: First of all I am fairly new player and when I see people call each other much, much worse names for absolutely no reason (OOF and in front of mods) I understand that saying that someone is "retarded" - as if "not having any touch with reality and the situation" I call it what it is and it is "retarded" actions by a "retarded" person. 2. The person who warned me about allegedly returning to my last kill spot was the same one who actually returned to the exact spot where he killed me. Any extra information: To add on top of all this the mod finally warned me about completely different thing then what I was warned for (by the player) in the first place. Proving my point that the whole mod call was wrong in the first place. So it started as a claim (by the player) that I returned to my kill spot after my death (even though that is untrue) and the player himself was in the exact spot where he shot and killed me and in the end I was warned about completely unrelated things that 1. Did not happened and 2-ond did happened (the fraise "retarded") yet it was used solely to prove my point in the argument of the explanation of the situation to the mod. Yet somehow taken out of context to make it as if I am braking the rules even though we were clearly taling with the mod at that time - and if I truly would think or intentionally would want to break the rules - why on earth would I do that to further undermined my case (in front of the mod), why would I purposefully and intentionally (as if it was to break) the rules when we are taling with admin at that time. It is just plain stupid.... why would I purposefully brake the server rules (as alleged) in front of the mod is beyond me.