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  1. somewhere around 2.4k
  2. -Support No proof Didnt follow format
  3. Not TimmTimm!!! This is one of those resignations that truly make me sad. Its been one hell of a ride from PoliceRP to SCP-RP. You are a great dude and you've done great things for the community. Hope to see you around sometime.
  4. Joe Mama


    Eh, this suggestion has been denied multiple times due to the lag fires cause on the server soooo.... -Support
  5. Hi, I'm Joe Mama. I'm only 3 so I can't figure out how to use the door handle.
  6. +Support Staff member said it was false
  7. +/- Support Whilst, by no means am I supporting in any way people encouraging others to enact self-harm on themselves, on the internet / video games the phrase 'kill yourself" is typically unrightfully tossed lightly around out of anger or frustration, but generally the individual who uddered the words usually has absolutely no intentions for the person to do so but it still slips out. Now, I most definitely understand that saying the phrase isn't tolerated, but I think a player could be considered for forgiveness after a year to think about what they've done wrong. This should only be taken into consideration if you we're given the permission to appeal
  8. +Support Active Friendly Kinda Mature (; Great application Good Senior Admin Knowledgeable of rules Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  9. +Support Very active on staff Dedicated Great activity In-Game, Forums, and TS Good Application Speaks English (; Good Senior Admin Friendly & Mature Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  10. Joe Mama

    Hannah's loa

    Sad to hear the news Hannah. I hope everything is alright with your situation! I guess I'll see you when ya get back.
  11. Rip, I'd hate to get my wisdom teeth removed.
  12. +/- Support While it may be more realistic, it can make it pretty challenging for some to complete hits with this
  13. -Support The law doesn't permit anyone to be in possession any Class 3+ weapon, therefor making it kinda redundant
  14. -Support While there may be some situations were government are outnumbered, the majority of the time is the other way around.