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  1. Tommy Boi, its been one hell of a run. Although my time meeting you was pretty limited, it was fun while it lasted. It saddens me to see you go! I hope to still see you around sometime man. Best of luck with your future endeavors! ~ Joe Mama
  2. -Support • Inactive on forums • Never seen In-Game • Too new to forums • Decent application Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama
  3. +Support Deserves a second chance
  4. It would be nice for pro lock picks to work on cuffs.
  5. Thank you for your time as PD Command!
  6. +Support • Well over the 40 warn limit
  7. +Support • Over 40 warnings
  8. Eh, I don't really see a point. How about making govt cars non-pickable.
  9. Name on roster: Joe Mama Rank on roster: MAJ How active are you: Semi-active Who should be the next Major? Jet What can Security improve on? We can improve on not just only watching D-Block Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I should be kept in Security because while I am less active right now due to staffing, I can be an active leader and help out thelower ranks.
  10. -Support • Missing like 1/3 of the application format • No poll
  11. +Support - Extremely active - Great app. - Friendly - Mature guy - Low warns Good Luck! ~ Joe Mama