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  1. BioName: Kilroy Rank: 2LT Fto rank: fto Why should I keep my rank: I love playing and being apart of gensec, everytime I'm on I'm always playing gensec, I have no strikes and I'm in rcf and a fto, I take gensec seriously and dont dick around, I really want to grow further in security. I joined back in 2018 and I love getting on each day to play, I want to make a difference in security and I hope one day that I can HOS but I will work hard to be the best that I can be right now. I enjoy being in d block and talking to fellow security, I can be on the server for hours and it will feel like 5 min has passed. I don't mind helping out new enlisted security that are having trouble and I'm always up to train a trainee. I love being apart of security, I plan on staying for a long time and I try to stay active as possible