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  1. What you want to see? - MTF Officers for each branch. Why should we add it? - So its easier to change the defcon when needed, and even able to whitelist. What are the advantages of having this? -You wont have to rely on staff as much. Who is it mainly for? -MTF Links to any content - The content pack. Any MTF type related model would be fine.
  2. My favorite qt out there, honestly, I kinda thought ace was hella cool back then, he was just a CPT and I was to puss to actually try to talk to him. But we all got along with the power of WEEESSSSTTTTT VIRGINAAAAAAAAAAAA [He still is cool probably follow him on twitch too smh.]
  3. y E s Finally, some more good stuff to come our way.
  4. +Support Kade is one of the best RPer's and a great Manager. He does the job right, and he does it damn good. He is also very friendly around others and a great teacher and helping hand all around. In my case, I think he really deserves this rank. -MTF A1 MAJ BlackBeard MJO5
  5. Is this still a valid CPT app format?
  6. In-Game Name: MTF A1 LT BlackBeard LT01 Your Rank:LT In-Game Time:3 days Activity This Week: at least and hour every other day Any Concerns?: Not really sure what happen while I was gone for like 2 days, but I dont seem to be on the roster nor have whitelists.
  7. Marines are very active, I have seen them on plenty.
  8. Not really sure, people haven't really been on as much for me to really see any of this, I haven't seen anyone transfer without a request outside of husk.
  9. Name:Blackbeard Rank:Agent Callsign(ex:1D12):AO1 Division:A1 Concerns:N/A
  10. Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:61936022 In-Game name:[GL] 420 THICCBEARD Server (Policerp, milrp, etc) : MilRP CS: GO rank : S2 ex silver elite Will you work with the assigned team:Yes Will you be able to attend the event:Yes
  11. Keep on moving brother, it was nice knowing you Maloney, definitely had a lot of potential in USMC. Semper Fi my friend.
  12. Hello everyone who reads this, my name is Blackbeard, or a new transferred LTC from US. I would like to introduce my self seeing ill be working with you all for the rest of my time. I've come over to help out RU seeing that RU can be a bit dead at times. So i've put forward the rest of my GL time to focus forward RU and helping out in anyway. I know most of you know me, and thats good but im making this towards people who haven't seen me at all and wondering who this new random officer is. Thank yall for reading this hope you have a good day. -RUAF ADF WO3 LTC Blackbeard
  13. Oh what the hell do you mean i cant fly a heli boi, you jumped out while i was still flying died and got the rotors off and the heli got stuck in the skybox you poo poo head xd, Just kidding amazing time though.
  14. My time in USAF was great, it was all just because of the people who ran it. Seeing Brandon go from COL to LTG over summer until now, is kinda crazy how much effort and time he put into USAF its self. So you did a amazing job Brandon. BB Ace is going to take good care of the branch for sure.