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  1. Okay I'll be straight forward with you here right after you rammed Hunter with the quad it blew up and killed him. For a returning player you should know that ramming vehicles into a tank/apc is against the rules and it one shots them. It also clearly stats no ramming vehicles into a tank/apc. I talked to you right as Hunter made the call for an admin sit and I said it was against the rules but you said okay and shrugged it off.
  2. On hold Waiting for supports
  3. + Support Active Skilled Kind Respectful
  4. Come back if you want. We will be gladly waiting for you if you chose to return.
  5. Semper Fi. I hope to see you again Sam. ~ Quinn
  6. Military Police Officer Personnel Military Police High Command will be hosting a MP Meeting, All Officers (LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted this Sunday (2/3/19) at 4:30 PM Eastern time, Enlisted is able to Join the meeting but it will be not be Mandatory, if you're not able to attend this meeting please reply with the following Format:  Name and Rank: I Promise To Speak to an Officer To get the details Of The Meeting: (Put Understood) Reason: What you wanted to talk about:
  7. Thanks for teaching me all I have learnt. I wish you luck on your future adventures. ~Quinn
  8. I entirely agree with Brandon, but when your on the server and there's 7 people on, you can sell your weed. If you sell 1 full bas them you could make $1,500. With more weed bags you can make hundred thousands. If we remove the non official WAC packs and just use the official then we can still use some helicopters but just add in different helis/planes.