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  1. bahremu

    USMC Meeting #16

    It shall be in ts
  2. bahremu

    USMC Meeting #16

    Hello Marines, Marine high command will be hosting a MC meeting, all officers (2LT+) must attend this meeting, this meeting will be hosted Saturday (4/20/19) at 4:30 Eastern time. Enlisted are welcome but not mandatory, (Also sorry for not posting these, we got a little busy with real life) if you are not able to attend this meeting please fill out this format. Name and Rank: I promise to speak with an officer to get the details of the meeting (put understood):  Reason (if private state private)
  3. Sorry about being late on this post, but you have been accepted into MARSOC.
  4. Name: Quinn Rank: BG Roster Status: Active
  5. On hold, I have to talk to my fellow MC high command about a few things that's in this app.